Flyer Actions

Your visitors can "follow" or contact you

Manage how vistors interact with you and your flyer

When someone views your flyer they may want to connect with you or learn more. Through the "Flyer Actions" section located under "Flyer Settings" in the Editor, you can allow your viewers to:

  • Share your flyer on social networks by using the share buttons
  • Contact you by using the green "Contact the author" button
  • Follow you in order to be added to your mailing list

Read the guide below on how to setup your Flyer Actions:

1. Locate Flyer Settings

After you have finished editing your flyer and clicked "Update page" or "Done editing," click on the big gray button that says "Flyer Settings" at the bottom right of the Editor.

A window will pop up and on the right side of the window, you will see a section called "Flyer Actions"

2. Select or Deselect your Flyer Actions

Flyer actions are automatically checked on all flyers. If you would like to turn these actions off, just uncheck the boxes and click "Save settings."

Contact button - Smore will send you an email whenever a visitor contacts you. You will also see a notification at the top of your dashboard. If you want to reply to the visitor, just reply normally through your email app. Note: To turn off these emails from Smore, you can "unsubscribe" from Smore notifications on your profile settings page.

Follow button - When someone chooses to "follow" you, they will be added to your mailing list. If you don't have any mailing lists configured, they'll be added to your "Saved Emails" list. You can manage all of your mailing lists by clicking here. You can then view the number of new followers from the flyer's analytics screen.

If your Flyer Actions are checked, a viewer will see the "Follow" button in orange and the "Contact" button in green, as shown below:
Big image

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