Beer's law lab

Did aunt Elda die from the anesthesia

What is Beer's law?

Beer's law is used to see the coloration between how much solute is in a solution and the amount of light is passing through it.

Pre lab

Anesthesia is used to numb the body from pain during surgery, it works by stopping the sodium ions from moving from one nerve ending to another. in large doses (over 20%) it can cause hypothermia, nausea, and acid build up in your stomach.

We also need to know haw to make an solution.

How to make a Solution (20%)

to make a 20% solution you take a 10 ml graduated cylinder and add 8 ml of the solvent and 2 ml of the solvent.
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Set up

To set up the lab had to open 11b Beer's Lab file so we didn't have to make the columns or make the graph. We also had to connect the colorimeter to the computer. then we had to place the different solutions in the cuvettes to put in the colorimeter to measure how much light can pass through the solution.

After the colorimeter is connected to the laptop we used logger pro to collect data. Then you put a line of best fit on the graph then find were aunt Elda on the graph.


My group has concluded that aunt Elda was given to much anesthesia. (60%)

We know this because we did the graph to see what the light absorption was for the different solutions so we could know how to compare aunt Elda to the other solutions.