Come to Texas y'all!

The empresario system is here!

The amazing empresario system of Texas! The Price is right to come to Texas!


Come to Texas because we have no taxes ( for 10 years), tons of land for you and your family, and a clean slate to start up your life again. To come to Texas, you must...

  • Consult us before moving here
  • Must be Catholic
  • Must be loyal to Mexico
  • be of good character to Mexico
Come down to the Coastal plains to the Hilton colony. Our cheap prices are so cheap, that it is $5 per 100 Acres. We have food, water, shelter, company, and fun events. Our amenities are countless.

$5/100 acres

Additional Info

Our relationship with native americans are strong so that our settlers may benefit from help from the native americans. Our bond with them has grown so much that they have promised to protect our colony in return for some supplies.