University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

By Dylan Kneifl

Location of the Main Campus

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is located 1400 R Street Lincoln, Ne 68588
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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Mascot

Nebraska has two mascots they use one is Herbie Husker and Lil Red.


I plan on majoring in the Field of Business Marketing and Management, in the cluster of Business Management and Administration and have my career be Logistics. Logistics is dealing with the organization of a complex operation. Logistician help bring materials to companies so they can sell and keep there business running

Key Classes and High School Activities

Some key classes I would have to take to help me get ready for this career would have to be Intro to Business, Business Communications, and Career Leadership. Some activities that would prepare me and help me for my career I will have to take Football, Basketball, Track, and Speech.

More Information about UNL

The University of Nebraska was one of the first institutions west of the Mississippi River to award doctoral degrees- the first was granted in 1896.The University of Nebraska established the world's first undergraduate psychology laboratory. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln was founded in 1869.
Destination Lincoln: University of Nebraska-Lincoln