Fracis Cabot Lowells new business

Only girls can be the workers!

About the business

Francis Lowell just created a business with only workers that are unmarried women. The girls called the Lowell girls get paid money doing a job that a man could working at the mill! The business is located in Pawtucket Rhode Island, this idea was so good I wish I had thought of it myself! Here is a little bit of info about the business. The hours are 12 hours a day from six am to six pm, except on Saturdays where it's six am to four thirty. Then on Sundays the girls get a day off. Also, the workers get three dollars a 60 hour week. Well if you are a unmarried women who is tired of working on a farm with no pay try Francis Cabot Lowell's new business in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Next, read the now you know section.