Technology: A New Addition to the Classroom

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Technology in Your Child's Classroom

Technology is now being used in the classroom in conjunction with traditional teaching styles more than ever before. We are currently in the age of Digital Natives. With that being said, the majority of today's students are growing up with iPad's, computers, and cell phones. Most students are already familiar with a variety of media outlets, so it would be beneficial to them to have technology incorporated into the classroom.Technology is a great way to accommodate different learning styles, help students stay engaged, and allow them to take more control of their own learning. As a parent, it is your job to be an active participant in your child's education and familiarize yourself with a few of the communication and collaboration tools that are being used in your child's classroom.



Prezi is a unique presentation tool that is becoming a popular alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint. Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi starts you off with a "blank canvas" and allows you build your presentation from there, providing various options for transitions, color schemes, and display methods. Essentially, Prezi allows you to make the presentation completely your own, without requiring you to follow the design of a template. This resource is great for collaboration in group projects and gives students a new outlet to express their creativity through their assignments.


Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites today. While it is primarily known for its recreational uses, it is also a great tool in the classroom. If a Twitter page is created for the class, the students can use it to check due dates, ask questions about assignments, and communicate with their teacher and fellow classmates. Parents can also create their own Twitter account, or log on to their students, and follow the class Twitter page in order to stay up to date with what is going on in their child's classroom!


Google Docs is a great way for students to collaborate online. This program allows students to do academic functions such as creating diagrams for brainstorming or for collaborative study purposes. Google Docs can also be used to create a document and share information with their teachers, classmates, etc. This can be especially helpful when doing group projects, as it enables students to contribute to the project without being in each other's presence. Parents can also share a Gmail account with their child, allowing them to access the Google Doc themselves and view their students progress or involvement in the class.


These are just a few tools that could be used in your child's classroom to help facilitate communication and collaboration. Becoming familiar with these tools will allow you to have a better understanding of what is going on in your child's classroom. With that being said, if you are still having a hard time understanding the incorporation of communication in the classroom, feel free to contact your students teacher via E-Mail or phone. Communication is key!