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Were Stronger Together 5/2//16

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Week at a Glance

This Week:

  • C-Week on Counselor Schedule
  • Teacher Appreciation HELD OVER
  • EVERYDAY Is Teacher Appreciation
  • AMC: EOY Now thru May 20
  • mClass Testing: EOY


  • Teacher Appreciation Box
  • Todd at Forest Heights


  • One last day of TA...
  • Todd at Forest Heights
  • Fire Drill mid-morning
  • Sweet to be 75 celebration @ 1pm


  • Todd at Forest Heights



In the Coming Days:

  • Sack the EOGs Assembly May 17th
  • Teaching & Learning Conference - Aug 8 & 9

  • Teacher Mini Camps/Conf - Aug 23

Last week in pictures and video...

Red Carpet Event
TAW 2016

Evening of Excellence

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And the winner is....

Standing proudly with our #TeamFHES' best and brightest. 2015-2016 FHES Teacher of the Year - Rebecca Cissel, me and 2015-2016 GCS Counselor of the Year- Tim Hardin
A student winner ....Jae Snowden

Please congratulate him on winning out over 300 entries. Congrats to you too Ms. Glenn for having a stellar year with Art Winners.

Jae's artwork is being displayed in the one of the Gaston County Human Services Offices.

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Evaluations and Summatives

Keep an eye on the inbox

Teachers as Ms, Todd and I finish up. We will email you to sign or review. Please keep up so that we can finish up. See us with any questions.

Thanks and happy NCEES

10 DAYS....and counting!

mClass Testing: EOY May Now-20 >>>> AMC: EOY Now - 20


Please go to your EOY testing folder and add your personal AMC plan. This plan may look a little different since you test your own students.

You only have 10 days left in this testing window. Keep your focus and test!


DIBELS should be done! However, we aren't, but very close. Let's make up the students that we have not yet tested.

Please as you complete the TRC don't forget to MSV each child. are not testing your own class BUT you must make sure that all students in your class are tested. Please check the your class list against your teammates testing schedule. Check to see if there are any children that aren't listed and that there aren't any on the list that should not be. If you find discrepancies please notify me by email.

Media Closing Update

Media Center:

Final check was May 6th.

All books back on May 13th.

Mrs. Kelly has introduced her posters for books incentive plan to get books in. Please help her efforts. She will send details this week if you need them.

Book option I:

A fresh supply of paperbacks are here. Please be patient as we work with you to accommodate your students reading needs. Mrs. Hinkle will sign books out from the office if you have a student that needs a book to read from the books boxes behind her desk. Unfortunately, since we have a limited supply student will not be allowed to take those home. Please if you send a child make sure they understand this is a loaner from the office. Lexile from 450's -1000. The majority are 600 and above.

A second book option:

Grade level team leaders please go to the book room and check out several books for your Team to use in their classrooms, You must sign out and bring back at the end of the week. Make sure you are sharing with all members that need books in your grade level.

Our free book options:

Discard books are labeled Discard or D16

Students that are free and clear through the media center can get the books to take and keep one at a time.

During our last weeks the books will be able to go to whomever would like them. Look for signs in the media center that specify the free book area.

Book assistance needed

Book room information:

Title I

Please bring All books for guided reading that belong to the book room back.

If they have others that are in the set place them together with like kinds

Do you have big books? Do they have barcodes? Please email Mrs. Jones with the info for them ASAP.

Bar Coded materials

Check your room do you have any? If so please get it to Mrs. Jones in the media center so that she can scan it.

Science materials

Check your room for any science materials. If so please get it to the science area by Kindergarten before Mrs. Jones begins her scan of this area. If it is something that you are using. That's fine please report it to her so that she can account for it and then you can return when finished.

We currently have hundreds of items that have not been accounted for. Help us find them.

You can reach her at

Chicken and Fish sale


Mr. Whitesides former GCS teacher and administrator and current NCAE educator advocate is requesting your assistance. Please consider purchasing a fish or chicken plate from him. Orders can be placed in the office. See signup sheet by Mrs. Hinkle's desk.

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PLC Meeting times for the week of 5/2/16

Mrs. Setzer will work with teams to meet at a time that she can fit in between instruction and other items. Check your upcoming emails from her for more information.

Thanks for your patience and continued support as we work to accommodate our 3rd grade. What impact will this year leave on the lives of those 24 students? Help us keep them in the game.


AR Challenge and Check-in

Make sure that you have updated on the wall. ASAP

Please take a moment for the Article

Go back and read the article on text from last week if you haven't done so.

Twitter 101 ...reminder

Guys if you didn't know; Forest Heights has a twitter account.

Mr. Hardin and I use it to post exciting events in real time. I have a separate account that is my very own. I... like a lot of my colleagues enjoy showing off our schools and the wonderful things that are going on in our buildings. My challenge is to Tweet #LASTYEARBESTYEAR events from @ForestHeightsES at the very least 3 post a week until the end of the school year.

Also, follow our school (@ForestHeightsES), myself (@msprincipalboss) or Mr. Hardin (@TimKHardin) on TWITTER. Our pinnacle leader, Mrs. Cissel also has a very active account.

My only advice is that if you decide to join us...You are rated G or create a school only account that you can keep work and personal separate. Post are public. Even if you block someone ...if they google you it will show up. We have lots of fun showing off and retweeting, so join us!

I have linked the

Twitter for Teachers: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started

Mentors and BT Check in

Please help certain the following items are located in your Beginning Teacher’s File.

*Mentor Contract

*Extra-Curricular Duties Agreement

*Professional Development Log and Contribution Log

*CEU Report

*Summary of each month's Monthly Mentor Log returned to mentor as an

Automatically Returned Email with signatures of BT, Mentor, and Principal

5K Run, 1 Mile Fun Walk

CaroMont Health is hosting a Community Challenge event on May 14th at Stuart W. Cramer High School. The proceeds from the event go to Gaston County Schools, so we would love to see a great turnout at the event!

Attached is an event flier. If you could please forward the flier to your staff and post it at your school we would really appreciate the event promotion!

Here are some general event details, but more information can be found online.

Event Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016

Location: Stuart W. Cramer High School

Events: 5K Run, 1 Mile Fun Walk, High School Combine Event, and Various Festival Activities

Registration Fees: 5K - $15/person, 1 Mile Fun Walk - Free

Time: Registration opens at 7:30 AM, followed by staggered event start times

Information and Registration Website:

Student Promotion and Retention

Teaching Licensure and CEU Information


Questions Help and Answers for Renewing your Licensure and finding CEUs

Teaching & Learning Conference - Aug 8 & 9

When registration opens the info will be emailed to you.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Registration

Kindergarten and pre-kindergarten registration for the 2016-2017 school year will be held May 2-13 at three elementary schools across the county. Parents may register their child at any of the three school locations, which will accept applications for all elementary schools. The registration schedule is below:

Lowell Elementary: May 2-4 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Gardner Park Elementary: May 6 and May 9 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 7 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Carr Elementary: May 11-13 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

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We're Stronger Together!

Know your Purpose (EVERYDAY)

My purpose is to use my leadership to inspire a culture of learning and excellence that guides my school and community to educational success, while having happy, healthy and safe stakeholders.
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