Wellness World

Blackstone Primary School

Stay Active During Spring

The weather is beginning to get warmer. Go outside and enjoy it! Here are some ideas:

- May is national biking month. Take a bike ride with your family.

- Go outside and pick some flowers for Mother's Day.

- Help out around the yard because April showers bring May flowers.

- Play ultimate Frisbee with some friends.

- Go for a hike with the family.

It is important for you to exercise because it will give you more energy for school.

Healthy Foods

It is NOT only important to be active, but it is also important to eat well!

- Try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day .

- Go for more grains like cereal or pasta to give you energy.

- Limit the amount of sweet and salty foods per day.

- Milk is a great source of calcium to build strong bones.

- Drink lots of WATER!

Nutrition Ideas from Head Start/Body Start

Children 2-5 years of age are more likely to like new foods introduced to them if they have repeated exposure to the new foods. It may take as many as ten to fifteen tries before a child accepts a new food, so keep offering new foods and eventually your child may like it.

*RED fruits and vegetables help maintain a healthy heart, memory function and urinary tract health, and lowers risk of some cancers.

*ORANGE and YELLOW fruits and vegetables help maintain heart, vision and immune system health, and lowers risk of some cancers.

*BLUE,PURPLE, and BLACK fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants that help lower risk of some cancers, promote healthy aging, and improve urinary tract health, memory function and heart health.

*GREEN fruits and vegetables help lower risk of some cancers, reduce risk of heart disease, maintain vision health, protect against birth defects and keep red blood cells, bones and teeth strong.


Give your children drinks with less sugar as sugared drinks which can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Encourage children to drink water - lots of it! Like adults, children need 8 glasses of water each day to maintain body and brain health. Flavor water wtih lemon, lime or orange slices to add variety and vitamins.


SunWise Kids

Go to this website and learn about Sun Safety through games.


TAKE THE PLEDGE......... Don't Fry Day is the Friday before Memorial Day.

Please go to this link and take the pledge.