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Weeks of October 12th & October 19th 2020

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming soon! We cannot wait to share with you how much our students have learned already this school year! We are scheduling following times for in person, Zoom and phone call conferences:

Tuesday, October 20th – 3:30 -7:00

Wednesday, October 21st – 2:30 – 7:00

Thursday, October 22nd – 1:00-3:30

A form went home yesterday for you to choose the best day/times that work for you-please return this as soon as possible. If you would like an in person conference, please know that we will have to limit the number of family members that attend this year, and you will need to be screened (temp taken) at the entrance before entering the school.

COVID-19 Need to Know:

  • Cohort = Groups of students who work and play together throughout the day. For us, each student has two cohorts: a classroom and a grade level.
  • Screening = All staff and students are screened each morning. This includes a temperature check and questions about any new symptoms.
  • Masks = Mandatory for all students as they arrive at school. Encouraged for K-4 throughout the day, and mandatory for 5th graders and adults.
  • Symptoms= Major - fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell Minor - Muscle aches, fatigue, sore throat, nausea diarrhea, runny nose, congestion. When one major or two minor symptoms are present, isolation is required.
  • Isolation = 10 days at home - Return to school earlier after a negative test meets criteria for return to in-person according to regular MCSD illness policy.
  • Quarantine = 14 days at home when a positive or probable Covid-19 case happens
  • What happens if my child is asked to isolate or quarantine? Learning will go on! If an entire class or cohort is asked to Quarantine, the class will transition into an on-line format. Your child's teacher will share schedules and important links with you. If a single student is required to isolate or quarantine, they will still participate in class daily. Teachers will communicate schedules and links to you!
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Bus Barn

The number to the Bus Barn is: 970-249-0919, please call them with questions or concerns involving bus transportation.

Attendance Matters!

Attendance Matters!

Be a Buddy Not a Bully!

This year to show that we are being buddies and not bullies, all staff and students are encouraged to wear royal blue shirts OR any Olathe shirt that is blue every week on Wednesdays this year!
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What is Capturing Kids' Hearts?

What is Capturing Kids’ Hearts?

We are excited to announce that this school year, Olathe Elementary School adopted a character education and anti-bullying program called Capturing Kids’ Hearts. All of our teachers completed a two day training. We are excited that we will continue to use this program this school year. This program emphasizes building great relationships with every student, and then showing students how to use these skills with their peers, their teachers, and even their families.

What does this look like?

Classroom social contracts

Launches (daily quotes that end each class and day)

Positive relationships

Positive conflict resolution with the 4 questions process

Peer accountability

Here are our Launches for the next 2 weeks:

1. Creativity is intelligence having fun.

2. Be strong- you never know who you are inspiring!

Pirate's Pledge

I will...Attend, Appreciate, Respect, Grow, and Help! AARGH!

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