Beowulf Hero Project

By Trevor Hicks


One of the most unlikely people that I look up to in my life is someone I barely know. He only exists on the internet to me. I've never seen him, only heard him speak to me. All I know about his name is Brandon. I don't even call him by that name, I just use his internet handle, Trigger Happy, or T-Happy. He has been a guiding hand to me for as long as North Carolina. That's all I know about him. He's helped me from music, my computer setup, jobs, relationship advice, and struggles that an ordinary person would encounter. Everything that I have troubles with he always helps me with. It always seems that he has dealt with them before and can help me with my problems. If I ever need him I just log onto my Steam app and I can message him and he'll respond sooner or later.
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Quote Analysis

1. Quote - "All I've undergone, I will keep on, underneath it all, we feel so small, the heavens fall, but still we crawl." - 'The Way Out is Through' Trent Reznor

2. Analysis - I think it means even though I've gone through hell, I'm still pressing on. It will seem like everything has fallen but we're still just 'inching' along.

Trent described the hero as someone who will keep going even if everything is against him. The message is that, come hell or high water, the hero keeps going.

3. Beowulf - In Beowulf, when he fights the dragon he keeps trying to fight even though he knows he is completely outmatched.

4. THappy - THappy introduced me to Nine Inch Nails and this song was the favorite out of the album he showed me. He has told me before of his experience in college and how he was overworked from school and his job and how he kept going and was able to get through it.

Themes and Symbols

The Dark Knight

Fate - Harvey Dent's nickname was two face and so he because two face after being kidnapped.

Deadly Battle - Batman has to fight the Police and Joker's minions without hurting the hostages and making Joker set off the explosives in the ferry's.

Shepherd of Evil - Joker wanting to corrupt even the purest of men to send a message.