The Amendments

of the constitution

Freedom of Speech

The first amandment is about freedom of speech. This amendment means that people have the right to speak free of what they want but are not allowed to say anything to hurt someone. You may not screem somthing that will make people panic. An example of this is Finer vs. New York. A man came out side and was standing on a wooden box, he was saying many things that where very disrespectful about of president. He was then told to get off the box three times and did not listen. He was then arrested and told the police he had the right of freedom of speech.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion is where anyone can be any religion they would like to be. The United States made this part of the Amendment so that there wasnt one religion that all Americans had to study and follow. They also didnt want to make one religion becuase of things that happened in the past. The ling made everyone one religion and nobody liked this. An example of Freedom of religion happed recently. In New York, infront of the twin towers memorials a muslium religion group wanted to build a place to study their religion. Many people thought thins was very offensive and proteosted against it. The mayor than over ridded what the people wanted and said that this was the first amendment of Freedom of religion.

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Assembly means that the united states people can peaceably assemble and to potition against the government. People may pass out flyers, have meetings, and advertise their beleifs. The 187 petitioners consisted of African-American high school and college students who peacefully assembled at the Zion Baptist Church. The kids walked out in different groups groups of about 15 kids to South Carolina State House to peacefully express their mad feelings about civil rights of African-Americans. The people of petitioners did not get into any violent conduct and did not threaten violence in any manner, nor crowds gathering to witness the demonstration engage in any such behavior. Petitioners were told by police that they must leave in 15 minutes or be arrested. The students failed to leave, singing religious and patriotic songs instead. Petitioners were convicted of the common law crime of breach of the peace.

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press is the freedom of communication and expression through mediums including various electronic media and published materials. While such freedom mostly implies the absence of interference from an overreaching states, its preservation may be sought throughconsitutional or other legal protections. An example for Freedom of the Press is Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. This was a case about the studnet news paper which was published as part of a journalism class. they had to write about teen pregnacy and the issue was that the school board didnt want them to post it. the court said that the part of paper was allowed to be posted becuase it is the right of Freedom of Press.

Freedom of Petition

Freedom of Petition is one of the parts in the first amendment of the constitution. Freedom of petition means that any person can present a document that is a request for somthing that they want to be done. In Mr. Lenners 6th period class they made a petion about things in their class. They made the petion so they could get more candy after quizzes, make the quizzes easier and make them the newsflash. Mr. Lenner thought the petition was crazy but they told him they had the right and it was in the firwst amendment. Mr. Lenner didnt listen to them but they still were allowed to make the Petion becuase of the First amendment. Freedom of Petion does not mean that the people have to listen to the petion but they are allowed to write on and protest.
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The Right to Bear Arms: Amendment 2

The right to bear arms is in the 2 Amendment. This means that people have the right to protrect them selves against anything harmful. People have the right to carry around a gun with them but are not allowed to arm people in any way with it. The right to bear arms has been in the news alot latley becuase of all the shooting going on. One recent example of the right to bear arms is the Shooting in Colorado. In a movie theater at the premeir of batman a man went into the theater and started shooting. This is very bad becuase many people got shot or hurt and they never did anything. The man was then arrested becuase he had no right to shoot those people. That is not a fair example of the right to bear arms becuase the man was never harmed. This is part if the 2 Amendments.

My Opinion

Amendment 1:

I think that the first amendment is a very fair amendment. I think that all the rights we have in the first amendment are very well written.

Amendment 2:

i think the right to bear arms, the second amendment is also a fair amendment. I think that people should not be even able to have guns because lately it has been a very big problem and has been happening alot!