PPGES 2015-2016

Leslie Peveler

Overall Rating of 2015-2016 School Year Exemplary

Highland has had an Exemplary year! As a School of Distinction again, the teachers and staff continue to be dedicated to instructional improvement and learning each day. This year we scheduled our professional learning continuously throughout the year, often focusing in on their professional growth plan needs. While focusing on improving teacher learning to impact student learning, we also finalized our Lighthouse Review, receiving confirmation of our Lighthouse Status the final week of the school year. It was a great 2015-2016 school year!
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Learning Essential #1: DCPS School leaders improve instruction to enable teacher to teach at their best and students to learn at their utmost.

A. Best Example: In order for teachers to continue improving instruction by working on their own learning we clarified closely the type of work being done each time a collaborative group met. The 3 P's for Continuous Improvement for Teachers was created to define the type of learning, specific examples that explained the work, it's duration and frequency, and the expected outcome each time. This helped teachers to further understand the expectations set for their work.

Professional Learnings for 2015-2016

* Thinking Strategies

*Achieve the Core

*Google Classroom

*Building a strong common assessment (grades K-2)

*Engagement (4 domaind - Affective, Cognitive, Instructional, Behavioral)

*John Antonetti Engagement cube

*Lucy Calkins Units of Study

*3 shifts study in both reading & math

*Math Coherence Map

*Leader in Me Booster Shots monthly


*Ruby Payne Poverty workshop

*Professional Growth Plan Groups

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B. Another example- Targeted Walkthrough Plan-

Walkthrough templates were created for the Professional Growth and Effectiveness Framework Domains 2 & 3. This allowed us to target professional needs and strengths for each teacher while assisting teachers in truly learning the framework. Individual coaching sessions were utilized following a walk through when necessary. This was a practice step for more functional walk-throughs that didn't contradict with a "Conditions in the Soil" walkthrough.


*Continue to steer teacher learning to needs based professional learning

*Strategize and monitor walkthrough data with leadership team

*Embrace Eureka Math building wide

*Continue the writing support for Lucy Calkins work

*Dig deeper into ELA front load planning - team collaboration

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Leadership Essential #2: DCPS leaders shape a vision of academic success for ALL students, one based on high standards.

A. Best Example: Co-teaching/Collaboration Model for Special Education

Our special education teachers have embraced the co-teaching model to the best of their abilities. Their first thought is planning with our regular education team, and working to modify what that will look like within the setting for their students. Resource time is kept to a minimum so students do not miss valuable content instruction time. This also helps our regular education teachers. A huge Hornet Horrah goes to our EBD kids. 2 out of 5 children will transition to middle school outside of the unit setting with minimal support.

Another example: Early in the year, our 3-5 grade teachers worked to identify novice and make plans to improve the performance of those students. Although our numbers were small (which makes moving exceptionally hard), we targeted these children with additional interventions, strong feedback, and high expectations for their work ethic.


*Monitor intervention plans of students prior to intermediate grades.

*Novice reduction strategies with a push for our top 20% who did not perform at the Distinguished level.

Learning Essential #3: DCPS School leaders manage people, data, and processes to foster school improvement.

A. Best Example: The Val-Ed Survey results help me to see my performance in this area, along with others. My highest rating came in Connections to External Communities and Communicating, where I feel the people around me know the vision and mission of our school. In addition, this data showed me where I need to increase my efforts with support and continued efforts for high student learning.
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Another example: 6 days of learning

During these six days I spent the entire day collecting data and being a part of the full day of learning for each grade level. I looked at everything from instructional strategies to evidence of professional learning implementation to effective time management. Spending an entire day allowed me to see a very clear picture. I provided grade levels with feedback that included strengths of the day as a team, individual work, and where time can be more effective.


*Scrimmage Improvements (follow up from analysis)

*Planned proficiency meetings in the data room

*Look to identify the connections between the shift work we have done and meeting targets in MAP

Learning Essential #4: DCPS School Leaders cultivate leadership in others so teachers and other adults assume their part in realizing the school system.

A. Best example: Formed specific ELA and Math teams for 2-5. These groups meet monthly under the direction of teacher leaders who guide the work.

ELA - Erin McCormick (front-load planning & Unit Development)

Math - Sally Tingle (Conceptual Understanding & Focus Standards)

B. Another example: Adult Lighthouse Team & Action Teams within the building are functional and intentional.

Adult Lighthouse team assisted all other adults in the building, including our parents, with the continued focus on leadership within our students. The presented to our community two presentations around the Habits. Action teams allow EVERY adult in the building to be a part of school vision work. Whether it is the Measurable Results team looking closely at where we are with our goals, or the Staff Collaboration team finding ways to continuously promote leadership amongst ourselves, each team is responsible for their part.

Leadership Essential #5: DCPS creates a climate hospitable to education in order that safety, a cooperative spirit, and other foundations for fruitful interaction prevail.

A. Best example: Leader in Me! We worked so hard this year to meet the criteria of a Lighthouse School, our entire team have developed a climate full of Leadership! Students are learning to be empowered, responsible learners and active participants in making their world a better place. With our service learning projects, Student Lighthouse Team, and continued study of the 7 Habits our climate is improving each year.
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Another example:

Highland Highlights are crafted to focus on the work of the building and unify us to a common purpose for our school.

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*On line registration

*Provide our families and communities with continued leadership training for their families

*FRC plan

*Continue to add environmental touches that show the Highland spirit.

Important issues facing Highland in 2016-2017

1. New personnel

2. Redistricting worked - loss of students means loss of support & people

3. New Math program for the building

District Support

*Eureka math support

*Special Ed questions

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