Endangered Animals of Asia

The Babirusa


  • Looks like average boar
  • Name means "pig-deer" in the native language of Malaysia, Malay
  • Named for its pig body and "antlers" like a deer.
  • Majority of Babirusa (Three species total, which branches off from Suidae) centralized in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Males live alone
  • Females/piglets live in groups of 13 or less
  • Tusk can pierce own skull

(Wikipedia & IUCN Red List & Science blogs.com)

Food Chain

  • They mainly eat leaves, fruits, roots, and some (dead) animals.
  • Main Predator(s) wild dogs and natives
  • Hunted for meat, sold in small amounts in markets



As in the first paragraph:

  • Lives in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Near rivers, rain-forests and lowland forests.

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  • Scientists believe this branch of Suids "created" when land in southern Asia started splitting into islands
  • While living in a different land and setting, they developed tusks or "antlers" for some reason scientists still don't know.
  • Two pairs of antlers, one pair on top and another on the bottom
  • Top set is for defense, and the lower pair for offense
  • Tusks are used when the males are competing for mates.

Critical Information/Endangered

Critical Info/Endangered

  • Loss of habitat (deforestation)
  • Illegal game
  • Low birth rate of 1 - 2 piglets.
  • Population of Babirusas is about 4,000 to 5,000 right now (decreasing).

(IUCN Red List)

Fooled by Nature - Babirusa Pig Teeth

Joseph Deng

Group 6 Period 0

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