How to Survive In The Canadian wild

By:Maria Sanchez Cancino

What you should Have in Your Backpack

The first thing when you are packing your bag you must always have it plan out Because you. Never Know when you are going to get lost. Also if you are planing to go on a hiking trail you must pack your back the day before that way you .Do not forget anything and you will not be in a rush and will not forget anything.The first thing you should pack is.A First day kit because it has everything in case of a emergency also a extra pair of clothes ,And some food because you do not want to be starving and also some water bottles because the body can not survive in the wilderness from 5 to 6 days and the body will not function well if it does not get food you will not be able to think well and you will get tired easily

10 skills on How to survive in the wild

Also something you are going to want to know is survival skills here are 10.You are going to want to know on how to start a fire if you don't. Here is a quick way First you are going to want to find a safe place to start a fire and also find a place were.You have the Materials you need the materials you need are leaves waterproof matches or a lighter and wood.After you have the things you are going to want to put the leaves in a pile then start the lighter or waterproof machetes and some wood to keep the fire going.The second skill is to make traps a easy trap is good for catching food because you do not want to get caught in a difficult trap also make sure that you cook the food before you eat it because it can contain bad microorganism and also things that can kill you also want to make sure that you cook it because it very important.The 3 skill is that to make a shelter all you need is long sticks and short sticks also you are going to need leaves or moss.Start out by putting the long sticks at the top and put them into the dirt so the sticks are going to be touching each other at the top and leave a ways open so you can get in and out keep doing the sticks and once you are dome cover it with moss or leaves so there will not be any cold getting throughout.The 4 skill is a first day kit just in case you get a cut of fall because it have everything you need just in case some thing happens.The 5 skill is to drink lots of water so you will have lots of energy and also you will not get dehydrated.The 6 Skill is that to eat because if you don't the body will not function well and you mind will not think well.The 7 skill is keep your body temperature as normal as possible that way your body is not to hot or two cold.The 8 skill is to make weapons to defend yourself a easy way is to grab a stick sharpen it against a rough but still smooth piece of wood.The 9 skill is to always keep yourself with clothing that way you will not get cold and have warmth.The 10 skill is to make sure some one knows were you are in case you get lost.

Where your going

Make sure that before you are leaving somewhere that you bring someone with you also make sure that someone knows where you are at all time.Just in case you get lost somewhere .Also always make sure you have the things you need and also make sure you are prepared and also make sure that you how to get back home you also don't want to go to far just in case you do not have a map.That all on How to survive the Canadian Wild.