Woodfill Elementary

School Counseling Program

Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. I'm Rachel Caswell, Woodfill's school counselor. I love working at Woodfill and am looking forward to supporting your child this year. Please contact me at anytime.

What's a School Counselor?

Great question! The role of a school counselor has evolved over time. Today's school counselors are vital members of your child's education. We help students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and career awareness. We want to help your child be productive citizens of the future.

Want to learn more about my role? Watch the video below!

Comprehensive School Counseling

The 7 Habits

Mr. Faust discussed in his newsletter that our school is learning about the 7 Habits. I love these habits because they can help our students be academically and socially successful as kids, teens, and adults! Over the course of the year, we will focus on a specific habit or concept of the habits each month.

The habits are:

Habit 1: Be Proactive

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Habit 3: Put First Things First

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Habit 6: Synergize

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

More information will be coming each month about the 7 Habits. Stay tuned!

Habits in Action

During the month of September, all teachers will be reading page 20 of the student planners with their class and focusing on the concept of Private Victory. The idea of private victory is about learning to take care of YOU...which sums up the ideas presented in Habits 1, 2, and 3. We must know how to take good care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

One way we can take care of ourselves is by putting deposits in our personal bank accounts. Sometimes we worry so much about making others feel good, we forget about making ourselves feel good. We can teach our kids to do that be remembering to:

-be kind to ourselves

-think good thoughts

-set goals

-have fun

-trust ourselves

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Dear Sam,

Each month, Sam is shown on a video to every classroom talking about a problem he has and asks the students for help. Students can write Sam a letter and turn it in by the end of the month. There is an envelope outside of my office for all of Sam's letters. At the end of the month, Sam and I will read all of the letters and choose the one that best solves his problem. That student will read his/her letter on our morning news broadcast.

Below is Sam's video for the month of September. Please encourage your child/students to write Sam a letter.

Dear Sam,

Students of the Month

Each month, teachers from different grade levels will be sending in their nominations to me for students of the month. Teachers will be choosing one student from their homeroom who exhibits one of the 7 Habits. I look forward to sharing their pictures with you and why they were chosen for this great honor!

Classroom Lessons

One part of my job is to teach counseling lessons to every classroom once a month. This is one way that I can teach a large number of students various skills such as skills for learning, emotion management, empathy, and problem solving. Each month in my newsletter I will highlight the topics we covered in each grade level.

During the month of August every classroom learned a little bit about me, what a school counselor does, and how they can reach me.

Small Group Counseling

During the month of September, I will be giving students a survey so I can learn more about each grade level's personal, social, and academic needs. After completing the survey, I will look through the data to find out what small groups may benefit each classroom.

Some examples of small groups I have offered in the past are: new students, self esteem, family changes, friendship, school success, anger management, a girls' group for friendship/conflict resolution, and grief. If your child has been selected for a small group, a permission slip will go home with him/her. I work closely with the teachers to ensure this does not interrupt too much instructional time.

Individual Counseling

For students needing additional support academically, emotionally, and/or socially, I offer individual counseling. Teachers and parents can let me know at anytime during the school year if a child needs my support. At the same time, I have a mailbox located outside my office door where students can write me a note if they need to see me.