Show-Me Conference 2015

A recap by: Deanna Ginther

Authors: Harry & Rosemary Wong

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The First Days of School/The Classroom Management Book

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-Effective Classroom Teachers-


"The single greatest effect of achievement is having effective teachers."

Difference Between Classroom Management & Discipline

-Classroom Management is NOT about DISCIPLINE.

-Classroom Management is about ORGANIZATION and CONSISTENCY.

DISCIPLINE: Concerns how students BEHAVE

PROCEDURES: Concerns how things are DONE

DISCIPLINE: HAS penalties and rewards

PROCEDURES: Have NO penalties or rewards

Effective Teachers:

MANAGE their classrooms (with procedures)

Ineffective teachers:

DISCIPLINE their classes (with threats and coercion).

3 Steps to Teaching Classrom Procedures:

1. Teach

2. Rehearse

3. Reinforce


"We don't make a difference in the life of kids; we ARE the difference in the life of kids!"

The greatest asset of a school district is its teachers!

"Greeting students at the door increases engagement by 27%."

First Five Minutes

  1. Students are greeted at the door.
  2. They take their seats.
  3. The agenda is posted.
  4. They do the "bellwork".

Technology in the Classroom


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