The living/working conditions

Living and working condition during the Industrial Rev

This reason of this pamphlet

This pamphlet is to pass out parliament to the elected officials explaining the conditions of the workers

Children, women, and men are working to 12-16 hours, they are working too much

They are bending over for a long period of time, they also fix the parts of the machine while the machines are still running

Factories are producing large amount of smoke

The smoke is polluting the air and making it hard the breath, workers are in those factories working 12-16 hours in the bad air and with the smoke getting inside.

Tenement houses

When their done with work they would go home to a tenement house, some family have to share a room with another family, tenement houses has bad pluming (some tenements didn't have pluming), one - three window, one lightbulb, and the room is small.
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