Back to School Night!

Room 2

Grace Early Childhood Mission Statement

The mission of Grace Early childhood Care and Education Center, the heart and hands caring for our community, is to maximize the unique potential of each child by encouraging children to explore and construct knowledge in a safe environment that embraces the development of the whole child within a nurturing school family that is built on trusting relationships among schools, families and our community.

We will ensure authentic learning experiences for each child, promoting creativity, exploration and individuality.

We will actively promote early childhood programming and services throughout the district.

Back to School Night

Wednesday, Aug. 14th 2013 at 6pm

614 Mill Street

Belton, MO

Welcome to Room 2!

* Introductions of Staff: Lori Steel (Early Childhood Teacher), Joan Bishop (Paraprofessional), LeighAnne Villaverde (Paraprofessional), Jaime Michaelree (Opener/Closer), Kasey D'Lynne (Opener/Closer)

*Arrival and Dismissal

*Parent Drop-Off and Pick-up / Visitor Sign-In


*School Schedule

*Weather / Closings

*Important Staff Members





*Discipline / Expectations


*Breakfast / Lunch / Snack

*Grace Handbook

*School - Home Connection

*Illness Policy

*Involvement at Grace