OES Virtual Learning

April 5, 2020

Congratulations on Completing the First Week of Virtual School!

Phewf! What a week! We have all demonstrated our grit and resilience this week!

First, let me begin by saying thank you to our teachers, staff, parents, big brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents and our students for joining together and supporting each other to better understand our new learning format. Because of your hard work this week, next week will be easier.

Please help our teachers recharge by understanding that while their office hours are 9:00-1:00, they may be working with another student during that time, and might not be able to help you immediately. Also, please know outside of those hours they will be resuming the "respond within 24 hours" guidelines. Especially on the weekends. Although students are welcome to work on the weekends, I have asked teachers to use the weekends for spending time with their families and self care. Of course, that being said, some teachers prefer to reach out with a quicker response, and that is certainly up to them. Please note, that if you have more than one child, you might notice a difference in teacher response, but please allow them to respond, within their comfort level, as long as they are abiding by the above guidelines. I am hopeful that our families are also taking the weekend to regroup and spend quality time together.

Would you like to share what virtual learning looks like at your home? If so, you can share a picture that we may post on our OES web site, newsletter or Social Media, (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) showing your child learning at home, reading in a favorite location at home or a picture of your child's work, (writing, project, art work, science project, PE activity, etc.) send them to me at this email address: marybeth.grecsek@oasishs.org.

Finally, we are asking for your help. Please click on this link or the link below to share feedback on your first week of Virtual School experience.

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Teachers will not have office hours on Friday, April 10th and Monday April 13th.

Troubleshooting Tips

Our most common student issues are the following:

If you are getting a message that you do not have permission, it is an indicator that you are not logged in using the @oasishs.org account.

This happens frequently when students are sharing devices with their siblings or using a home device that defaults to a personal @gmail account. When attempting to access Google Classroom and school materials (Safari, etc.) students must be logged in with their @oasishs.org account.

When using an Apple device, student is unable to view Google Slides and Google Docs.

In order to view these documents, in addition to having the Google Classroom app, the Apple device must have the Google Slides and Google Docs app downloaded.

Student Monitoring with Google Accounts/Chromebooks

Please remind your student that the use of their Google account (@oasishs.org) and school issued Chromebooks are monitored for inappropriate use. Because we continue to get alerts, even while students are home, we will be contacting parents to inform them of the inappropriate search or site that student attempted to reach.
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Third Quarter Report Cards

Mrs. Lowe, our Information Specialist has made the student Report Cards visible in the student FOCUS account. If parents have already set up and have an established FOCUS account to view their student information, they just have to log in to the FOCUS account and the report card should be viewable on the dashboard.

If parents have NOT already set up an established FOCUS account to view their student information, they will have to get their parent account verified. The verification process may take up to a few weeks. In order to set up a parent account, parents will need the Student ID number, (NOT the Social Security Number). If you do not know your child's Student ID, please reach out to your child's teacher. Teachers will only be sending student ID's to the email account that they have been using with the parent all year.

See the attachment below for details on the Parent FOCUS account verification process.

Have you downloaded the Focus Community App yet?

The Focus Community App provides parents, students, teachers, and administrators a streamlined way to access the information they want, when and where they want it.

The School District of Lee County's Focus Community App is available for download on both the Google Play and Apple App stores. Download it today!

Taking Care of Your Family's Emotional Well Being

Yoga.ed is offering free mindfulness and yoga classes for children.

GoNoodle has Empower Tools with engaging and mindful videos on anxiety, frustration, focus, compasstion, etc.

Extra Resources for Families

Wide Open School, from Common Sense Media, has a variety of fun and engaging activities for your family to enjoy.

BrainPop has a free video explaining Coronavirus to children.

Finally, Sal Khan, from Khan Academy has Daily Homeroom for parents, with some interesting topics on distance learning, including balancing working from home while monitoring your child's virtual school, and other issues related to COVID19.

Finally, the State of Florida has a document with some ideas for families who want to work on reading and writing skills at home.

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