God of Love


There are many different stories about how he came about one is that he is the son of Chaos, Another is that his mother is Aphrodite and the son of either ( Czeus, Ares, Hermes). Eros siblings are Anteros, Gaea, Erebus, and Tartarus. Father of Nyx ( Night) and Birds.
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What was Eros?

Eros was neither Male or Female. Eros helped people find inspiration, wisdom, virtue, pleasure, happiness, and delight through the power of love. Brings friendship, elegance, and grace. Eros is considered to be the sweetest of all the gods and held a special honor in everyones hearts. It is said that the most respected courage is the one that comes from love which Is created by Eros. Supposedly so good that no one dare hurt him and he never hurt anyone.