Nuclear Disarmament

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Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Warfare is a violation of Catholic Social Teachings, and it must be stopped.

Pope on Nuclear Warfare

Time Magazine

By Elizabeth Dias

April 10th, 2015

“To prioritize such spending is a mistake and a misallocation of resources which would be far better invested in the areas of integral human development, education, health and the fight against extreme poverty. When these resources are squandered, the poor and the weak living on the margins of society pay the price.”- Pope Francis


Below is a picture of Hiroshima before and after the atomic bomb was dropped at the end of WWII.
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Problems with Nuclear Deterrence

Nuclear deterrence: the use of the threat of nuclear warfare to counter aggression from other nations.


1.Threatening with mass casualties is immoral because it threatens the life of innocent civilians.

2.Killing is not moral in any sense, especially when it is undeserved and involves many people and others property destruction.

3.Makes other countries need to stockpile nuclear weapons in order to have a response to nuclear threats, thus increasing the potential for mass destruction.

CST Violations

Life and Dignity of the human person- disregards the massive loss of life, especially of civilians, that would ensue a nuclear attack

Solidarity- divides the “team” of humanity against itself in war, so we are unable to show camaraderie and solidarity

Care of God’s Creation- A nuclear attack can have a devastating effect on the environment in and surrounding the detonation spot. There are currently more than enough nuclear warheads in existence to destroy most life on earth.


In order to act for Nuclear Disarmament.

Petition to End of the use of nuclear deterrence.

If you want to email a Georgia Legislator, this link will allow you to find how to contact him or her.