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September 6 - 10

A Message from Mrs. Venegas

Hello Raider Family!

What a great week of school! This week, we finally got to see our Raider Cross Country team in action at Vista Hills Country Club. We now have three sports in full swing and all three teams are working hard to keep, as we say all the time, Setting the Gold Standard.

As a member of our EMS Raider commUNITY, the expectation is to work hard to do your best in any situation and despite the challenges that come your way. We have seen our Raiders work hard to improve and grow in all classes. We know it's been difficult after being out of the "normal" school environment for quite some time. But we also know that inherent in the DNA of all of our Raiders are characteristics such as drive, determination, integrity, compassion (for self and others), and inclusiveness. It's what sets our campus and commUNITY apart from others.

We don't step back from a challenge--we step FORWARD and find ways to OVERCOME. We don't settle for just average or barely getting by--we WORK to be the very BEST in every situation. We don't assign blame or find excuses for ourselves--we OWN UP to who we are, what we've done, and COMMIT to improve. We don't ignore the challenges of others as long as we are comfortable--we REACH OUT and STEP IN to serve others. We don't exclude others who don't fit a certain mold--we CELEBRATE the DIVERSITY that is our community and know we are better for it!

We expect a lot of our Raiders, and it's because we expect a lot of ourselves as well. We are not your ordinary middle school. We know that we are helping to build the future and develop our Raiders into the very best versions of themselves. Above all, we thank you for the trust you place in us to have an impact in your Raider's life. We do not take the responsibility lightly. It is an honor to be a part of your lives and for us all to make up our Raider commUNITY!


Mrs. Venegas

Campus Events for September 6 - 10

Monday, September 6


Wednesday, September 8:

  • Raider PAC Meeting
  • CEIC Meeting 5:00 pm

Thursday, September 9

  • Cross Country @ Tornillo HS 4:00 pm

Saturday, September 11:

  • Football @ Brown MS 9:00 am; Volleyball @ BAMS 9:00 am

Health And Safety Guidelines

1. Symptoms: Students that are symptomatic, and whose symptoms do not coincide with a condition such as allergies or a cold, should stay home until symptom free. Just one decision made about bringing a sick student to school risks others at school also getting sick. In the event that a student is at school with symptoms that are of concern, the nurse will evaluate the student and determine the next course of action.

2. Positive Test OR High-Risk Close Contact: If a student receives a positive COVID-19 test result, whether from a test here at school or an outside agency, they are required to quarantine for 10 days, per City of El Paso health guidelines. If a student is a high-risk close contact of a positive case AT SCHOOL (was within 6 feet or less for cumulative 15 minutes of time), they are not required to quarantine. If a student is a high-risk close contact of a positive case OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, they are required to quarantine and are under the "jurisdiction" of the City of El Paso health guidelines.

3. Quarantine Absences: Students' days are coded CTH (contact tracing health) from the time we are notified they are positive or are a high-risk close contact. The nurse and administrator will contact families to let them know the available options concerning missing school and continuing to engage in learning.

4. Approval of Available Learning Options: Only admin along with the nurse can recommend and approve specific learning options. Administration will have an individual conversation with the student and family.

5. Contact Tracing: In the event that a student in a classroom tests positive, the nurses will conduct contact tracing. Teachers will be prepared with seating charts, a recollection of how students (and adults) were positioned in the classroom, and the interactions that occurred during classroom activities. Only those in the classroom who are determined to be high-risk close contacts will be notified and be given their next steps. Those in the classroom determined to be low-risk contacts will be notified by a Blackboard message email.

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Raiders should arrive to school at 8:15 am. This is when we let all students upstairs to their classes and breakfast in the classroom begins.

All Raiders must attend all of their scheduled classes. Everyone attends from 8:30 am - 4:00, except for zero period students who attend from 7:35 - 4:00 pm.

Attendance for every class period is required and they must be in attendance for 90% of the time each class is offered. Please work with us to make sure your Raider has healthy attendance habits. Attendance is essential to learning but is also a part of our state accountability measure.

Thank you in advance for helping your Raider get to school on time and promoting the expectation for good attendance.

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