The Rassias Method

Rapid-Fire Language Instruction

A sample session at MRMS:

Keep your students on their toes with rapid fire!

Rapid fire, repeat after me. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

A tried and true method that's been used for language instruction for over 40 years at Dartmouth College and other institutions.

Guaranteed to stimulate and train the brain.

Can I use this in my class?

This method could be used in any class -- math facts, history facts, English vocab -- it's good for anything!

What are the reactions of the students?

Total engagement!

Why should I use this method?

Using this method students become accustomed to quick-thinking situations.They learn to use the language as a native speaker would.

We are Rassias Rebels!

Drilling is easy and requires little setup!

  1. Select a list of vocab words and/or grammar concepts; for example, verb conjugations. No more than 7-15 at one time.
  2. Students form a semicircle.
  3. Choral response -- Instructor says first word to entire group and group repeats.
  4. Instructor repeats word or phrase two more times.
  5. Students repeat together.
  6. Instructor then rapid fire points to one student in the circle, and the student repeats.
  7. If the student is correct, the teacher moves on and points to another student to repeat the same phrase. If incorrect, the teacher repeats the phrase for the student, and the student responds in return until they successfully repeat the phrase.
  8. Repeat each phrase with 5 to 7 students at a time. Then move on to another phrase.

Ideally, you can work with 10 to 15 students at a time.

Diana Headrick and Anne-Marie Haskell