Social Emotional Development

Birth to age 2 (Kayd!3)


  • Refers to the quality and intensity of emotional reactions
  • Passivity ( actively involved with surroundings)
  • Irritability (tendency to feel distressed)
  • Active Patterns (levels of movement)


  • Strong emotional connection that develops between people
  • Attached to small group of people early
  • More attached to family members
  • Mother, father ,siste r,brother

Changes Over Time

  • Birth to Three Months ( refined emotion)
  • Three to six Months (Smile)
  • Six to Twelve (Joy)
  • Twelve To Twenty-four Months (Separation anxiety)

Birth to Three months

Refined emotion
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Three to six months

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Six To Twelve

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12 mo

Twelve To Twenty-Four Months

Twelve To Twenty-Four Months

Separation anxiety
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