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11/2/15 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

Saints, Souls, Veterans, Thanksgiving, and Blessings...Many, Many Blessings.

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Pre-Kindergarten Celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Reminder: Grades 5-8 Teachers: Catholic Identity Survey for Your Students

Students in grades 5-8 are asked to complete the following Catholic Identity Survey from the Archdiocese of Chicago in conjunction with the AdvancED process. Please complete this survey from now until Nov. 30th. Please notify me after your class has completed the short survey. This link is posted on my Principal's eBoard under the "For Students" tab so your students may access it easily. Here's the link for your information and to preview.


Marshall's Memo

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - JFK



- Sherry Turkle on some downsides of 21st-century communicating
- Are we losing the ability to converse in person?
- Letters to the editor about technology and face-to-face-communication
- Rick DuFour and Douglas Reeves on real PLCs
- Mike Schmoker on effective professional development
- Teaching about the presidential election
- Ways to stop classroom cheating
- Research on the causes of unequal student outcomes
- Hans Rosling on the joy of statistics

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