My Dream Car

Chevy Tahoe 2016


I don't actually have a dream car, but I have a Tahoe and I love it. So this is the newest model of my car that I love.
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Standard: The new Tahoe can get up to 23 mpg on the highway. This is probably the one thing I would want to change, because I drive an extreme amount and could use more mpg than that.

Interior: You can choose between cloth and leather interior, and the color. This is important because I would choose a tan cloth interior so my car would not be super hot in the summer as opposed to having a black leather interior. It is also supposed to be comfortable, which is important because I am always in my car for usually 30+ minutes at a time.

Exterior: The exterior can also come in different colors, and I like this because I could pick my own rather than having to stick to a dull beige color like my current Tahoe is.

Optional: You can get this car with built in Wi-Fi, which means I could use my laptop to get on the internet in my car, and I wouldn't have to use up my phone data.

Safety: Can include an Anti-Theft Protection package (helpful because I sometimes leave valuables in my car) and has features that help avoid collisions, and this type of safety is very important to me.

Etc: Tahoes are HUGE, which I have come to love because I never don't have enough room in my car to put something in.



Projected Vehicle Payment

$844.53 monthly payment for 60 months. Interest rate of 3%.