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Life Changing Skincare created by Stanford-trained Dermatologists Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields

We Consultants, already involved with these progressive, amazing, smart doctors, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields, often talk about our personal WHY.

WHY did we choose to become a part of this huge movement of social commerce in providing skincare with these two trailblazers?

Well, there are so many reasons! I'll share a few now.

WHAT IF...It really was a coincidence.. my call to my friend and neighbor on that fateful day. WHAT IF...I don't believe in coincidence?? Well, I don't!

After contacting my friend and meeting with her about becoming more active with our local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society again, we decided how I could help her.

Then, I asked about this little skincare line I knew she was working with. It didn't take me long to realize this was no "little" skincare company, and that even I could work with the two Stanford-trained doctors.

I could join in with a very small investment, and start my own business with the best, number 1 fastest growing skincare company, Rodan + Fields.

I could consult with others about their skincare needs, and in doing so help them feel better about themselves...whether fighting acne, aging...wrinkles, dark age spots, getting rid of puffy and baggy eyes...anything and everything regarding skincare.

And I could do so on my OWN TIME!

This was a huge opportunity to own my own business and be the CEO of me!

Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I taught for a few years, English and Journalism.

Afterward, I went to work for 15 years in newspaper sales, and I loved it,

I was forced to leave due to a shocking onset of the diagnosis of an incurable form of Lymphoma, with a life expectancy of 5-7 years. My 2 beautiful daughters, 5 and 8, needed their mom. I have lived and battled this diagnosis for many years, and am still far!! And Stanford has so much meaning for me for it was at Stanford, for a period of 2 years, where I was accepted into a clinical trial that saved my life. Expected to live 10 years beyond the trial, I have now lived 15 years beyond that "deadline!"

Being from the newspaper business, I love beating deadlines!

The thought of starting my own business and working to help people with their skincare needs was so exciting.

I jumped right in!! And I'm so happy I did!

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields, already successful for creating the world renowned Proactiv, developed this amazing anti-aging skincare line that truly works! I saw an opportunity to help others when and where I could, which is a huge priority for me.

I have helped many others with their cancer diagnoses over the years. I am so blessed that I was spared and able to do this, a definite priority to me.

The thought of also helping others feel so much better about themselves, help increase their self-esteem with these amazing products...transform their lives was so exciting.

Plus, in doing so, I would become self sufficient with the generous pay plan and incentives R+F offers their consultants.

Their ongoing training is second to none. It is critical, very positive and very innovative.

The relationships I've come to cherish with all of the wonderful, smart, empowered Consultants involved in R+F and my Clients are priceless. And this is just the beginning!

Start changing skin and changing lives today!

What if...'s not your DNA, it's your R+F?

Life changes and skin changes, but healthy looking skin is always in style. Rodan + Fields can transform your complexion, give you confidence--and completely change your life.

What joined in with me, and became self sufficient, too!

Join me! I will show you the way! I will teach you, others will teach you, and you will love this amazing business. You will love working alongside the two amazing doctors. You will love the ongoing training. I will guide you through it all.

Start changing skin and changing lives today.

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