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How many people live in London?

- In

- Metropolitan

- Density

8,173,194 (as for 2011)

15,010,295 (as for 2011)

5,206 people per square kilometer (as for 2011)


What this continent?

London is Europe.


Which continent is London?

London is the continent of Europe.


* London Aquarium (Sea Life)

Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable attractions that London offers all the family. As you enter you pass over a transparent floor and giant sharks swim underneath you that you will meet again in a tunnel, they will swim around you. Swimming mint Ray is not covered, lets peer strange fish from the water and check on what exactly you're looking at. Adorable walruses and penguins jumping skill out of the water straight to the West, also one of the highlights of the visit. Aitrkatibiim games and puzzles will take care sites engage the children throughout the track.

* London Zoo (London Zoo)

The first scientific zoo in the world established in 1828. Nearly 17 thousand animals inhabit the garden and occupies an area of tens of kilometers and therefore, this attraction should devote at least half a day (if not more). Apart from the animals in the jungle, monkeys and lions, elephants and giraffes There's also a lovely butterfly farm, an aquarium with exotic fish, penguins and shore birds safari. Do not miss the reptile pavilion where the famous snake scene was filmed the first movie Harry Potter film series.

* Tz'sington (Chessington)

Is a huge theme park covering an area of ​​260 acres. The place is a dream of every child at heart. You can choose between -100 and entertainment facilities, shows, zoo and games of laser lights.

5. Would you like to visit? Why?

Yes, I want to go there because,That it recognize other country and a perfect view Elsewhere engaging with new attractions and entertainment venues are amazing!