All About April

This month!!

We have had such a busy month in first grade! Pictures are worth a thousand words and that's all you'll see today! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Next week starts our SAT 10 testing! Please remember to be on time, get plenty of rest and bring a healthy snack! Enjoy your weekend!

Teacher of the day!

In our March SMORE we viewed the fabulous Lara and Andre teaching us German and about different countries. Below is the You Tube link showing our April teachers of the day!
Teacher of the Day!

The Chicks!!!

Tyler Arboretum

We have been learning about life cycles including the life cycle of a plant. Students were able to explore the Arboretum and dissect flowers!
Tyler Arboretum

Animal Adaptations

We also started our animal adaptations project with 2nd grade. We will be doing many activities until the end of May when we will have an exciting project to share with the whole school! Stay tuned...

Lion's Garden

We also started our Lion's garden by planting seeds and creating green houses in our classroom. We collaborated with 3rd grade and Miss Monteiro's class to get our garden growing!