Ripon Cathedral School Update

Week ending Friday 21st December 2018

Merry Christmas

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Nativity Stars

The magnificent Year 2 children produced a sparkling performance in the Cathedral this afternoon, ending our action packed term on a high. What a special way to send our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas to all our families.

Ambassador Take Over

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Mrs Rich and Mrs Stewart were delighted to welcome the class and school ambassadors into the office on Wednesday, especially when they all proved themselves to be budding journalists, as you can read below.
Class Ambassadors

Year 2 - Making an Animation

We made characters out of plasticine which took at least two days. Then we put them in front of our background scenes which we had made too. We took a photo then we had to move them a tiny bit each time we took a photo. Doing this meant it looked like they were actually moving in our film of the Great Fire of London. Even though the filming took weeks we all enjoyed it and we are proud of our finished film. Our parents came into school on Thursday and they really really liked our animation.

By Paige Year 2 ambassador

Year 3 - The Differences of Ripon

This term Year 3 have been focused on how has Ripon changed. They have been to the Courthouse, the Prison and Police museum and the Workhouse to see what it was like in the older days. They have also brought in pictures of old Ripon and new Ripon to spot some differences.They have amazingly made a brochure about different places in Ripon and have learnt facts on the I-pad and some by going on the school trips and have really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday 18th of December, KS2 and the parents came into the hall to see the classes' topic of this term and the superstars of this term. Year 3's superstar was Alexa because she is a kind hearted child of Year 3 and a good friend and is always up for a challenge and is very helpful. Well done Alexa!

by Olivia Year 3 Ambassador

Year 4 - Rotten Romans

This term Year 4 have been learning about the rotten Romans and we also made a film about them. We talked about what they ate, what they did for fun, what they wore, how Rome is here today and also how Boudicca started her rebellion.

When my name was called out as class superstar I was extremely surprised because I thought it would be someone else.

By Sam Year 4 deputy ambassador

Year 5 - Vikings and Lindisfarne

In Year 5 we have been learning about Vikings and why they invaded Lindisfarne.

Year 5 went to Lindisfarne as a residential trip for 3 days.

We all enjoyed making Viking longboats and clay pots, cups and vases.

We also went to Jorvik and The Dig.

Miss Heslop (Year 5's teacher) chose the superstar for Year 5. Our superstar is Lucy, well done! She didn't only get chosen because she has done really well, she got chosen because she has a great attitude to her learning and helps others in need.

By Taylor Year 5's Ambassador

We are sure Year 5 would also like to thank all the parents and carers who came in on Thursday afternoon to visit their amazing museum!

Year 6 - London

This term Year 6 have been learning about London and have been on a school trip to visit it as well. The trip to London was exhilarating and we had many fantastic experiences, strolling to The Globe, St Paul's Cathedral, a boat trip to the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Pizza Express, The Rainforest Café and we met Miss Stephenson there (our Year 5 teacher) and we had the time of our lives.

We focused on drawing St Paul's Cathedral and Finlay (the auctioneer) helped us sell our art to parents in the hall last week.

By Eva Year 6, lead ambassador

After arriving back home from London, we were inspired to draw a masterpiece of St Paul's during the Blitz. We then sold them at an auction hosted by yours truly…Finlay. You would know about this whether you came to the auction itself or if you came to the Superstar worship where we revealed the Year 6 Superstar…none other than Scarlett!

Have a nice day! Finlay Year 6, lead ambassador

Ripon Brochure by Year 3

As Olivia has explained above, Year 3 have produced a very professional looking brochure all about Ripon. On a wet Thursday afternoon they visited the Town Hall where they were given a lovely reception by the Mayor (thank you!) and also handed out leaflets to the people of Ripon. Great job Year 3!

Year 5 Enjoy Forest School

This half term Year 5 have been enjoying outdoor adventures on Monday afternoons. We have been able to provide this forest school opportunity to Years 1, 2 and 5 this term thanks to our PE grant and the Friends' fundraising.

Festive Christmas Lunch

Not only was our school Christmas lunch on Monday delicious, the atmosphere in the dining hall was really festive. The caterers provided cloths and crackers and the children were excited to sit round tables with a staff member. Christmas music added to the ambience! Our thanks to the cooks, caterers and dinner ladies.
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Oscar's Reverse Advent Calendar

Our children have been busy during the after school club, collecting items for an advent calendar with a difference - giving gifts everyday. Mrs Connor and Mrs Bradley thank everyone who donated items for a food bank box which they will deliver before Christmas.

We also thank them, and Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Baker and Miss Haslam too, as they have all worked hard in Oscar's this term, and we're sure they brought in some of the calendar gifts!

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Celebrate the New Year at Oscar's!

Do you have to go back to work after all the festivities have ended? Oscar's will open on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd January, 9am to 5pm. A full day costs £20 and half days (9am -1pm or 1pm - 5pm) are only £15. A number of places have already been booked so you may want to book now to avoid disappointment! The link to the online booking site is found below. Just use the email address you provided to school for your first parental contact as your username, and click forgotten password if it is your first time to use the site. If you are finding it difficult to access the booking site, please contact Mrs Rich.

Admissions Arrangements from September 2020

We hope all parents have seen the email which went out on Tuesday. Every seven years it is a statutory requirement for all schools to consult on their admission arrangements. The governing body committee has met several times, including with the NYCC admissions team and the diocese education team, to update our admissions policy.

If you have any comments after you have had a look at the policy (link below), please address them to the Admissions Committee using the school email address. If you would like a paper copy of the policy, please contact us by email. Thank you.

Scooters and Bikes

For reasons of health and safety please can children not ride bikes and scooters at the end of the day on the playground.

Dates for your diary......

Wed 2nd - Thu 3rd January - Oscar's open 9am to 5pm, booking essential

Tuesday 8th January - school opens for the spring term

Community Events

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