The Road to Perseverence

Quarter Four Performance Task By Nivita Patri

(Any underlined word is a Tier 2 Vocabulary word.)

What is Perseverence?

Perseverance is when you push through adversities and hardships. It is when you are tenacious and keep gong no matter what it takes or what happens. It is when you are truly thriving to reach your goal. You would never think of yielding.

The Tenacious Leader: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a tenacious and eloquent historical figure. He was born in 1874 in his grandfather’s home. His childhood was basically in his nanny’s hands due to the extensive traveling his parents did. She cared for him when he was sick and nurtured him for a very long time. At the age of 8, Winston was finally sent off to boarding school. Throughout his life, Winston showed brilliance, energy and resilience. For instance, when he was 25 years old, Winston returned to England as both a famous author and a war hero. This was the start of his long political career. He showed his brilliance by giving speeches against tariffs and in support of social change for the poor. He used many of his past experiences to also write books to inform people. In addition, Winston showed energy during World War I in 1914. He showed energy by preparing Britain for war. However, he is best known for being the prime minister of Great Britain. He became the prime minister when Chamberlain had to step down. On that same day, King George VI asked Churchill. During this time, not only did Churchill save Britain, but he helped save all of Europe from the domination of Nazi Germany. Winston Churchill once said, “We only have to persevere to conquer.” From this quote, we know that he is trying to say that in order to successfully overcome a situation, you need to put in continued effort in whatever you are doing. In other words you need to keep going by being persistent and determined no matter what happens. All in all, Winston Churchill was a British politician who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He fought many battles and pushed through every adversity that encountered him. He was a tenacious and strong leader to the world and many people look up to him even today.

Compare and Contrast Infostructure

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Be Strong: Losing to Win

Losing to win is a video that shows that building relationships are more triumphant than winning a game. It is an inspiring video that talks about adversities that a group of teenage girls face because of harsh environments and troubled family relationships. They faced some tough adversities such as loneliness, anger, and trying to run away from negative things they see every single day of their lives. It is not too long before they either are forced or chose to go to Carroll Academy. This is a place where students get help and try to forget the horrid pasts they have lived. However, this group of girls are forced to play on a basketball team (The Lady Jags) which is said to eventually help them start a new chapter in their lives. The dilemma is that they have a 218 game losing streak. This might be a challenge because it definitely sparked some discouragement and gave the girls hopelessness. However, Carroll Academy might simply seem to be a rehab center but to these girls, it became a starting point for friendships. Their coaches greatly motivated them to try their best and to never give up. In addition, the girls learned to trust one another and also learned the idea of teamwork. At the end of the season, these girls learned something very important apart from improving their game: encouragement and strong companionships come from understanding each other, not by winning basketball games.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Sequence Infostructure

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Give Respect: Jackie Robinson's Accomplishments

I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. -Jackie Robinson. Throughout Jackie Robinson’s first baseball season, he was always forced to suppress his feelings because of his race. This occured when Branch Rickey, the manager of the major league baseball team was at a hotel. He experienced something that made him decide “no, it shouldn’t be this way”. It began when Branch Rickey was at a hotel managing his baseball team. You can infer that they were going to stay for a night at the hotel, but what you don’t know is who exactly was on the team. Four words: Charley the African American. Moving forward, the hotel boss didn’t accept Mr. Rickey’s team because of Charley’s race. Finally, after some negotiations, the negro player was put in a cot next to Mr. Rickey's room. It is clear what Charlie must have been feeling: ashamed of the color of his skin and deeply rejected. This huge influence caused Mr. Rickey to deeply feel horrible for this black player, he knew that he had to do something. As a result, Branch Rickey recruited Jackie Robinson….another black baseball player. There were many effects to this huge matter, (otherwise known as Branch Rickey’s experience.) He devised the “noble” experiment with Jackie by recruiting him onto his all-white major league baseball team. Mr. Rickey hopes to put an end to segregation once and for all using Jackie Robinson through the game of baseball. As a result, this time, there were many conditions for Jackie in order to be successful. Under no circumstance can he fight back. This means no payback, retaliation, or revenge. Whatever he was feeling, whatever urge he had, he had to hold it back. This was hard for Robinson because he had to suppress ALL his feelings. In addition, he had to alter, (in other words, change,) the way he was. Jackie faced hurtful insults, racial slurs, unfairness, beanballs, rejection and much more. Eventually, Jackie persevered through and is a person many people to look up to even today. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson is person who was able to transcend from segregations. There were many circumstances and incidents (such as Mr. Rickey’s hotel experience) that shaped him to be the person he is today.

So what can we do?

In conclusion, we can learn from these people that we should keep going no matter what. These people (whether famous or not) fought and kept going despite their difficulties, failures or oppositions. You need to put in continued effort in what you do to have a accomplishment that you are most proud of!