Don't miss out on this amazing event.

Meet new people!

Come to my Mansion and meet new people. You will love my beautiful mansion and get to meet new people. Take time out of your lives and come rest and spend some time at my mansion and meet new people and get to know them. You could meet your new best friend or lover here!

Meet & Sleep

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 9pm to Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 9pm

Indian Island

Meet new people and sleep over at my beautiful mansion for 10 days. Each person will have their own room to themselves and enjoy themselves.

Stuff we will do

Daily you will be provided with food, activities to do, and places to see with the group. There will be a cooker and butler there to serve you. You will have plenty of food and drinks to keep you full of energy.

Here's even what someone said about this event!

Going to the Mansion and staying over there for some time was great. Not only did i get to relax but i also got to meet new people. I got to get my new best friend Joe who stayed at the Mansion as well. I suggest going. I wasn't gonna go at first, but i remember my friend saying "Indian Island! Why, there had been nothing else in the papers lately! All sorts of hints and interesting rumors. Though probably that was mostly untrue. But the house had certainly been built by a millionaire and was said to be absolutely the last word in luxury." which caught my attention when she mentioned about it being luxury. I'm glad I went and you should too! -Juan Carlos Rodriguez
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Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Period 7, 12-4-14