The new technology of the world

The tech of the future untill 2050


Li-Fi is a new technological advance and will be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. although not fully ready it has been showed to the public and will be coming out later in a few years.

3-D printer

A 3d printer will be in reality with todays tech we will be able to print out 3d objects perfectly, now if only it could print pizza... mmmmmmmmmmmm pizza


Not that fake one with wheels that everyone is using, a real life hoverboard is out but for a different reason... although its not like the hover board from back to the future its actual use is to protect houses from large hurricanes and tornados!

The new cars :)

The cars of the future will be more city capable since were destroying the ecosystem and all that stuff. they will be more faster and rounder like buggy's or smart cars. (yeah, more advanced and they look like a smart car...)
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Robots! :D

Even in todays year we have robotics helping us in our modern life! like the amazing robot called a T.O.A.S.T.E.R!!!! but there are also robots being made that are the sort off same as the ones from Pacific Rim their fighting robots used to help us in war.