Carys Anderson

Imagine living on a deserted island with a bunch of kids your age.

This island has no adults to tell you what to do. Everyone is equal, and the only rules are thought of as a group, there to help you survive in the wilderness. Sounds pretty great, right?


After reading Lord of the Flies, I would not suggest living this way.

This novel has become a classic known for really pushing the boundaries on literature. You've probably heard of Lord of the Flies, and like myself, known it was a gross little tale. But have you actually read this book? If not, you're in for a shock.

No matter what genre of book you're used to, William Golding's masterpiece will definitely intrigue you.

You never imagine your plane crashing, and having to live on a deserted island. You hear about these accidents, but you don't imagine them happening to you.

You hear about man killing man, but you never expect to experience such horror.

However, the boys living on the island in Lord of the Flies, the boys who were excited for 24/7 play, did experience these things.

This book is a brilliant example of how crazy people can be when power gets to their heads.

Lord of the Flies tested readers all over. It opened their eyes to see that "the shape of a society must depend on the ethical nature of the individual and not on any political system however apparently logical or respectable" (204, Notes on Lord of the Flies). Since the beginning of time, government officials have started out their terms claiming to want to help the people. These men originally worked together in harmony, selflessly. However, as the want for authority becomes greater than the want for change, these leaders make choices for themselves only. This is very evident in the novel.

It was pretty infuriating, as well as heartbreaking to see these young boys act so terribly, but Golding spoke the truth. And the truth without a doubt makes for a great read.

As an extremely honest person, believe me when I say everyone should read Lord of the Flies.

This book was definitely not something I would choose on my own, but I highly recommend this read. You learn about the real world in a very entertaining way. You won't want to put it down.

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