Wisconsin Virtual Learning

Open Enrollment 2018-2019

Welcome New Families

We thank you and are excited that you have chosen WVL as a school of choice for your child. Please know that we do understand that you may have applied to more than one school during the Open Enrollment Program for 2018-2019.

WVL serves students in grades 4K-12. We are a premier online public school with highly qualified and experienced Wisconsin-certified teachers with a track record of over a decade of student success. WVL offers a diverse selection of learning pathways including online classes, independent learning and curriculum choices to best meet the individual learning styles and needs of each of our students.

A member of our educational team will be connecting with you and your student soon to answer any questions that you may have about our online school, your child’s educational learning style and the open enrollment process.

During Open Enrollment, WVL will be hosting Virtual Information Sessions. Please consider attending a session, this is a great way to meet our staff and learn more about our school. In August, we will host WVL Family Orientation Sessions for families wishing to attend our school in September.

  • August 14 - Fredonia
  • August 15 - Pewaukee - am session
  • August 15 - Oak Creek - pm session
  • August 16 - Poyette

On August 29th & 30th, staff will be connecting with each new family, to make sure your student is ready go for the 1st day of class on September 4, 2018.
Virtual Information Sessions

WVL will be hosting Virtual Information Sessions to welcome new families and to share information about all that WVL has to offer our students and their families.

Enrollment Timeline

  • February 6 - April 28 - OE Applications accepted.
    Welcome calls made to new families.
  • May 8 to June 9 - Enrollment approval or denial letter notifications & school assignment mailed & emailed to the student's family.
  • June 30 - Student's intent to enroll notification from family due to WVL.
  • June - July - Welcome letter and online registration information sent to student's family. Ongoing student scheduling completed by our Student Learning Advocates.
  • July 1 - Alternative Enrollment opens for student who missed OE window.
  • August - New Student & Family Orientation(s) scheduled.
Informational Recordings - EL - MS - HS

Recorded Informational videos explaining our elementary, middle and high school model. HIghlighted are two videos created by our high school students.

New Family Information

  • Our ultimate goal is for you & your student to have an enjoyable learning experience while achieving successful educational outcomes with WVL.
  • Your ability to have ongoing internet access is a requirement of our school.
  • Technology is available for students to borrow during enrollment with WVL.
  • All 1st time students enrolling into public school (to include 4K and KG) will need to provide birth date verification. A copy of the student’s birth certificate or other document may be used for this purpose. Staff will verify birth date information during F2F Scheduling & Orientation Sessions.
  • All public school students are required to meet State of Wisconsin Immunization guidelines or have Immunization waivers submitted prior to the first day of school.

Enrollment Contact Information

Michael Leach - Executive Director & Principal

Ann Baumann - Enrollment Coordinator

Danielle Biever - Administrative Assistant

Office Hours:

M-F - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm