Diamond Club Classes

How can hosting a diamond club class benefit you?

Diamond Club Classes

The Diamond Club is an opportunity for doTERRA Wellness Advocates to ignite their business by generating new business and momentum through events. It also helps their team members get started, learn how to train their own down line and get personal instruction from the Diamond Club member them self. The purpose of Diamond Club is to help Wellness Advocates reach Diamond by establishing new leaders and sales teams outside and within their local area while continuing to support, teach and build in all aspects of their existing team.

Many Wellness Advocates have a desire to build their dōTERRA business, and help out of the area team members, but do not have the necessary resources to hold events and provide support in areas away from their local area. Diamond Club offers a travel reimbursement program which assists with travel expenses for the person in Diamond Club and special enrollment incentives only offered by someone in Diamond Club. New enrollees benefit from the incentives offered, the host/leader benefits by having a guest presenter who offers extra incentives to their guests given by doTERRA and the Diamond Club participant benefits by helping their team learn and grow within and outside of their local area.

In Summary:

This program helps everyone; those building their teams but not yet qualified to be a part of Diamond Club and the person in Diamond Club. It is a win-win situation. If you have the opportunity to have a diamond Club member offer classes for your area, seriously consider it. They are giving up money, time, energy and being gone from their home to be part of DC. They want to help you build and strengthen your team and reach your goals. When you reach your goals you help others reach their goals! Yay!!

Have any questions? Talk with; 1. The person who enrolled you, 2. Andrea Rittenour, your team leader. Or, 3. Talk to me who is unfortunately the only Diamond Club participant on our team this winter/spring. Let's reach our goals and help our up line and the person who enrolled you reach their goals! We are in this together!! We are a team! Thanks for all your support and all you do in sharing and caring for others! It is such a blessing especially to those looking for help whether it is for health issues, financially or any other many ways we can offer them options and support. This is an amazing ministry!!!

Let's Do It Together!

From My Heart,

donna stafford OTR/L

Silver Wellness Advocate


Our Teams DC Presenter this Winter/Spring.... Donna Stafford

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FEBRUARY Oils + 25 LRP Points with Enrollment!!

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MARCH Oils + 25 LRP Points with Enrollment!!

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Guaranteed to be educational and fun!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it cost to attend a Diamond Club Class?

Answer: No, come enjoy learning, bring a friend and enjoy the experience. There are special promo's only offered at Diamond Club Classes for those who enroll with a yearly wholesale membership at a DC class. Plus there will be door prizes, opportunities to experience various oils, being educated and having fun!

2. What is expected of me if I host a class?

Answer: Andrea is happy to go over how to host a class, and what you need to do to make it a success. She will be there to help you every step of the way. The first class you host you just need to be willing to take care of some of the behind the scenes details (which you will be instructed in) along with providing or finding a place to hold the class and inviting your friends, family and those you care about that are 18 years old or older.

3. I would love for my friends and co-workers to learn about dōTERRA and essential oils! Will you come hold a DC class and help me even though I am newly enrolled?

Answer: The length of time you have been enrolled in dōTERRA is not a factor. There is one very important requirement though in order for this class to qualify for the bonuses doTERRA offers to new enrollments. Take note, this is IMPORTANT: wherever the class will be held there needs to be at least one person attending or assisting with the class who has placed at least a 100pv LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order the month the class takes place that lives within the area (within 75 miles). This person must be present at the class, there are no exceptions.

4. How far ahead should I make arrangements?

Answer: The sooner you connect with Andrea the better chance you have of making a class happen when it works for everyone involved. I am available to travel around the USA as my schedule allows, but in order to purchase the needed ticket(s) I will need to schedule your class so I have enough time in advanced to arrange the route wisely and coordinate it with others wanting classes.

5. Will I keep the enrollments from the DC class that you teach or must I give them to you for traveling to help me?

Answer: These are people you know and you invited. They are your friends and neighbors. You would work best with them, sharing, doing classes together, having fun, educating each other, etc. It is always best for your people to be part of your team, and your responsibility (this can be discussed more later if you prefer not to take on that responsibility). I assist you by entering all the information from those individuals wanting to get a wholesale membership account from the class, into the system through the Diamond Club portal (this qualifies them to get the DC promo specials which are only given to people who enroll from a DC class and that are entered through the DC portal). I can place them anywhere on your team that it makes the most sense for them to be.

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Expand Your Influence and Share Hope!

Talk with your team, family, friends, neighbors and find a place to start hosting. Let Andrea know that you want to share and host a class. Invite, follow up with the invite, remind about the class (people are busy and forget). Be ready to learn a lot and let's have a GREAT time!!