Crawford town

Mayer Crawford

EPIC News For Crawford Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayer Crawford has just anounced that in city Crawford they are changing from using non-renewable resourses to Wind enrgy

How Wind Is Better Than Non-renewable Resourses.

Wind is better than non-renewable resourses in a tonnnnnnnnnnnnn of ways! One way it is better is that is saves money.By it saving money you ca use the money you saved to make more windmills. A binafit of that is that windmills are more afeshent that mining coal. So with a ton a windmills you will be making the wourld a better place.

Some awesome pictures of alternative energy!

Pro's and con's


*Saves money over time.

*Saves time rather than mining.

*ceeps us from running out of non-renewable resourses.


*windmills cost a lot.

*It will take a lot of time to build.