Ancient Greece

Crysta Evens


This is about Anicent Greece,and what I have learned. In "the Beginning of Ancient Greece" you will see part of Ancient Greece's story. You will see alittle more history in "the Greek City-States and Thier Colonies",although its mostly about how greeks lived. Lastly "the End of the Greek City-States"is about as the title says,the end of the greek city-states.

The Beginning Ancient Greece

1900 and 1600 b.c is when the story of Ancient Greece began. Homer also wrote about the first invaders,the Acheans. 3-4 centuries later The Dorians came and subjected thier Achean Kinmen. In addition the greeks driving thier herds and flocks from where they came from,grasslands east of the Caspian Sea. Finally other tribes such as the Aeobians and the Ionians found homes,on the islands. Thier language shows that they were a branch of the Indo-European speaking people.

The Greek City-States and Their Colonies

First Greeks from many city-states joined forces to fight their foe. Troy and Asia minor. Second is when Persia threatened them. They combined power ounce again. Also mediterranean geography made city-states possible. Every city-state was an economical,cultural,and religious organization. Each was also capable of maintaining its independence. They are a self governing community. A couple of Greek city-states were separated by mountain ranges. In some cases a single plain contained several city-states.

The End of the Greek City-States

First of all Sparta made its domination unpopular cause its hatred of democracy. The Thebans put an end to the power of Sparta during the battle of Leuctra,in 371 b.c. In addition prostrated Greece became an easy pray for a would be conquer. Masedon lay just to the north of classical Greece is where such a conquer was found. King Phillip the 2nd had a greek education and came into power in 360 bc. He saw th weakness of the disunited cities,and decided to take possession of the Greek world. In the battle of Chaeronea he established his leadership,over Greece.