Second Grade Scoop

Mayfield Junior School - September 28, 2015

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Thank you to all of you who contributed apple pies, apple cake, water, and plates and forks for our Johnny Appleseed celebrations. Your help is an important part of the children's learning experiences. Everything was very yummy!

Mayfield Families

On Friday, Mayfield families gathered in the morning to meet for the first time, and met again later in the day to attend Mass together. This was a great start to the many Friday meetings ahead, and special events and Masses they will share together this year. We are hopeful your second graders will talk with you about these important and memorable experiences that make the Mayfield community special!

Read Across America Begins!

We have reviewed the process and rules for Read Across America with the second graders, and they are ready to get started! You will find Read Across America mileage sheets coming home with your child today. As your child fills out his or her first sheets, they may have questions. Please don't worry! We will continue reviewing and answering questions in class. Happy reading and safe travels along the way!

Parent Reminders for this week!

  • Volunteer sign-ups still available! Contact your teacher or room parent!
  • Class pictures are this Wednesday. Wear regular uniform. Girls should try to wear blue pinafores.

Class Pictures! Remember order form, or order online.

Walking Field Trip

Next week Wednesday, all of second grade will be going on a walking field trip down Euclid Avenue. We will be noticing the trees and buildings that exist today, and talking about how it looked long ago. We even will view one of the first schools in Pasadena! This walking field trip connects with their social studies lessons about "Life Then and Now." The children will benefit from understanding their community's past, and how it has changed.

Important Dates for Second Grade

  • October 1: Linda Urban, Author Presentation of Milo Speck, Accidental Agent, 12:55 pm. Please find the book order form on the Maywire.
  • Second Grade Coffee: Tuesday, October 27th at 8:15am, HPAC
  • Parent Conferences/No school - Thursday, 10/22 (Sign-ups will be offered online.)
  • Harvest Festival and 2nd Grade Halloween Play - Friday, 10/30 (costumes) Details and times will be forthcoming!
  • No School - Monday & Tuesday, November 2-3
  • Parent Sacramental Meeting - Thursday, November 5, at 6:30pm. At least one parent must attend this important meeting about the sacraments.

To connect with the second grade teachers:

Mrs. Dorr -

Mrs. Delgado -

Mrs. Genton -

Spelling Words and Sentences

Again this week, if a student receives 100% on the Monday spelling pre-test, he or she will receive a new list of words from their teacher, and will be tested on those on Friday, with the same dictations sentences.

This week's Spelling Words:

1. doll

2. full

3. dress

4. spell

5. add

6. hill

7. class

8. pull

9. kiss

10. mess

11. fell

12. spill

13. will

14. off

15. across

16. address

1. How do you spell the name of your school?

2. Our class reads books every day.

Second grade has been busy. Here's a quick peek!.