All about me

Haley Thomas

Meet Haley

I was born in lubbock. My family members are Zoey, Kathy, Ayeden, Peyton, Angel, Lyric, jason, david but only peyton and angel live with me.

I play on my phone.

I used to be in Pom drill team dance after school program.

What does it mean to be a leader?

I think leader means to help others.

Be someone everyone can trust.

To step out of you're comfort zone.

Famous lnfluential leaders

taylor swift is my 1st influencing leader

Taylor swift

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famous influential leaders

2nd influencing leader

My favorite song by him

Hunter hayes

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blake shelton

3rd influencing leader
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Leaders in my life

1. Coach Vaughn




Short term GOALS

1. Get a jod at 15

2. Get good grades

3. graduate high school

Long term goals

1. Vet

2. Artist

3. Own a house

Making good grades

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Graduating from high school

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Having the option of being a vet or artist

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buying a house my own house

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