Canada in 2060

Current information and what can happen in the future.


On here, the information will explain the current status between Canadians and what their relationship is like, current population and immigrants; where are most people coming from, and their current demography. Although here it will also explain what happens between us and the aboriginal peoples, what immigration would be like later on and the birth and death rates. Each of these will be explained below.

Current Status Of Canada. -2015-

Immigration Information in Canada

Canada plays a role like the US, they help people that are in different countries escaping tragedies and unfair treatment. Annually, they accept approximately 10 percent of refugees globally. (En.Wikipedia)

Most immigrants come here just for a better life. Education is free (until you get to college and university) and free health care once you become a citizen. Some countries don't have this and are wanting the chance to take this opportunity.

Most immigrants in Canada are from China, India and Philippines. They mostly reside in Ontario, that's why Ontario has the largest population in all of Canada with 13.6 million people. (En.Wikipedia)

Demography of Canada


Currently Canada has a population of 35 million people with the majority of people, being whites. (74% of the population that is.) (En.Wikipedia). even though there are more than 1 million people immigrating from the top 3 countries, the past immigrants has still stood its ground with still having the largest population.

Right now Canada's birth rate is higher than their death rate, even if it's only by a small amount. The population is still increasing slowly. (Abernethy)

Another reason why our population would be growing slowly, and not fast as other countries because as you can see on the graph (left side) mostly we have age 45-50's, which would effect birth rate in the future.

Canada's relationship with Aboriginals


Canada's relationship right now is currently getting better and better, but its sure they'll never forget what happened back then. (Like how they were treated unfairly, lied to, had to suffer uncivilized actions especially when they were in those schools which children have died numerous times because of it.) (Wab Kinew)

Now, they are starting to get along since, Canadians are starting to acknowledge them, making a cultural center where people can see what unique things they did, making fair contracts. Also how Prime Minister Stephen Harper has apologized a few years ago in 2008 (Toronto Star) for the events that happened, especially the residential schools.

The Indian act is also something that has been creating trouble, to the first nations. This lead, to first nations living in reserves, and denied some people from their status as first nations. (en.wikipedia.) This treaty also has banned many rights from them.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper, apologizing to First Nation Chief


Future Predictions

Immigration in 2060

In 2060 there are many things to come, like immigrants. Many things that would be different since they would be gone like emigrants. Here is what my prediction is for 2060. There would still be plenty of people coming to Canada, even if the population will go down. In the future it is predicted that by 2060 "there's a high probable of mankind shrinking." (Wolfgang Lutz director of Vienna-based International Institute for applied systems Analysis)

Since Canada is a safe country (one of the safest) 8th safest (Felix on ohtopten), there would be more and more people looking for safety. Canada would still probably continue accepting immigrants often, so that would also increase the population. As for skilled workers and businessmen, that may be something to look forward to, technology will expand and evolve which can mean more jobs.

The world's population would be going down, in the top 3 highest immigrating countries, so I think that the continent of Africa would have the highest of emigrants going to Canada, there are many reasons to back this up, there's a high crime rate, religious persecution, extremists, and many other problems. Even right now they're having those , the biggest problem though is their increase on birth rate, it is increasing more and more maybe over the years they are able to surpass the other populated countries.

As more people migrate to Canada, there is a chance that more skilled workers would come too. With skilled workers they can take some jobs that are needed to be filled in. Some of these jobs can include engineers, doctors, nurses, and many others.

First Nations in 2060


I believe that first nations, and the government would work something out to be able to get along and share the land equally with the same rights. I also think that the first nations would still have a high population (with about 4.3% of Canada's population, Stats Canada- Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: First Nations People, Metis and Inuits), and the people can be trained so that they can fill the work spaces.

This was their land first, so they should allowed to work on this land with a proper pay and treatment, with this we should be able to get along with each other and be able to teach or learn something new. We know a lot about our culture, but I'm sure there are some things we still yet have not known about them.

In the future, if the first nations do go to school like all of us right now, then there's a chance that at a workplace you would be working right beside them, or work for them. Also how in the future we can just reunite all the clans/tribes, and make Canada to 1 land everyone can share fairly, like a cookie.

Looking at the future just by this, you can see that the population will increase.

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First Nations back then, location: British Columbia.

Nathan Cullen's Speech on New Engagement with Aboriginal Canadians

Demography of Canada in 2060


In total there is a chance that we would have a total population of 52.6 million people living here in 2061 (Stats Canada Section: 3 Analysis of the results of the long-term projections) although I would suspect that most of these were by immigrants. Canada's population right now is declining and aging more and more as the year goes on.

In the future, we would also probably ending up in stage 5. I would say stage 5 since later on Canada's population would decline, as it will decline the death rates may increase more than the birth rate. Canada's population can be decreasing, but also may be stable because the amount of immigrants coming in for safety.

Some countries, may also decrease in population since, the drop in the world's total population. If the immigration rates do decrease then that can be a bad conclusion for Canada.

The picture explains below what a stage 5 would look like.

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In conclusion this was the information that has been gathered, to find the solution and future of what Canada may be like, and what Canada is like right now. Settling in a stable stage and a peaceful one at that too.