Forest and Rain

How it was made!


                 On a hot  day in January! Yeah I said January, because it’s always cold in Arkham! So as I was saying, on a hot day in January, a poor girl worked on a cactus farm, because she loves plants. Cacti are the only plants that grow in Arkham. The reason she loves plants is because, her mother is Ivy the god of plants. She has only seen Ivy once, and that was when she was really young.                The world is a curl place, everywhere you go someone is getting hurt. Pamela did not have much, no shoes, no home, and hardly any clothes. She wears ripped, stained, black leggings. Also a muddy, torn, green shirt. Pamela walked on the hot, dry ground. She walked about one-hundred miles for two whole days. Until she walked on cold, wet, green grass flowing through her callused toes.                 She finally saw the castle made up of plants. She walked until she found the room on the tenth floor. She walked into the room and saw Ivy sitting in her thrown. She wears a green leotard, and green tights, and has beautiful, red, flowing hair.                “Mother, I have been hurt, beaten, and stolen from. I wish to serve at your side.”  Pamela said quietly.                “And why should I let you do that?” Yelled Ivy.                “Because I can get you the richest soil in Arkham!” Pamela explained.                 “Fine but you can have no help in doing this task!                Pamela set off, but she couldn’t find any soil. She finally gave into temptation.  She saw a rich looking woman. She was wearing a white lacy dress, with a real gold necklace, and golden boots. Pamela went up to the woman with Ivy’s words racing through her head. The woman had a name tag that said… “Harleine.”                “Is that your name?” she asked.                “Yes, but you can call me Harley!”


The Journey

Pamela told Harley her problem, but she didn’t believe her. She decided to just get  rid of her, she told her that there was an oasis, but only she knows the way.                Harley and Pamela walked and walked. Pamela’s feet started to blister, but she was used to it. After walking hundreds of miles Pamela gets the feeling it’s a trick.                “Are we getting close?” Pamela asked.                Harley felt anger travel from her feet to her head.                “You know kid, someone should really tell you to shut your mouth.”                Harley pulled a knife out of her golden boot. She lunged her arm at Pamela and killed her. As soon as Pamela’s pail body hit the ground, the skies got dark. For the first time in years it started to rai. Tall grass started to grow and millions of trees started to grow too.                Harley found herself trapped in Ivy’s cage of trees. She named this cage after Pamela’s roman name, “Forest.” Now anyone who gets lost in the rain just becomes another one of Harley’s victoms. 

Forest and Rain