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Once upon a time there was a girl named Winnie who lived near the giant treegap. Winnie lived with her family the Fosters and was sad when she was living with her family that it made her want to run away. One day as she was wandering around the woods she got kidnapped. The people who kidnapped Winnie were Jesse, Miles, and Mae Tuck. They kidnapped her for the reason of telling her the story of why they can live forever. The man in the yellow suit heard about the story and wanted to tell everyone else but before he could he had to bring back Winnie Foster. The man in the yellow suit threatened her with a gun at her head then Mae Tuck grabbed a double barrel and hit him in the back of his head. Mae was put in jail and the Tucks had to get her out. Jesse inflects the story because she would of not of got kidnapped if it was not for him. The setting or mood of the story is near the tree gap. An example of figurative language from the book is when the prologue said its like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel. my opinion of the book Is it is awesome.

Character Traits.

A character trait about jesse is kind and Jesse is adventurous

A impact for Jesse is if it was not for him there will not be a little bit of romance.

A character trait about Winnie is brave because she broke mae out of jail. a impact for her is if she was not in the story she would of not met the tucks