Autumn Creek Elementary Newsletter

October 26, 2021

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Principal's Message

I have noticed some of our families have been coming to take advantage of lunch with their kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is fun to see, and your kids really love it. You are welcome to bring outside food for only your family. We encourage you to take advantage of this as things start to loosen up.

I want to thank the many Watch D.O.G.S. we have had in our building over the past few weeks. Truly you all make a difference here. One dad even wanted me to pass along to the teachers and staff that he has new appreciation for what they all do each day, and he guaranteed he'd be back next month. We are truly better as a school when our parents and our community are involved!

We also appreciate you all for coming to conferences with your child's teacher. We hope those are informative and that you are able to get questions answered. This information exchange and dialogue are best for kids because it helps we as a school to be on the same page as you! Please continue to prioritize those as they will always produce good outcomes for your kids.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Bluejays!

Staff Favorite Book

Mrs. Cofield shares her favorite book with us this week called, "Fish in a Tree" written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Everyone goes through struggles but the character Ally presents a gentle story of a middle school kid who gains acceptance of her disability, self-worth, emotional and academic strength and the freedom to be herself aided by a caring teacher. Although I don’t have a disability, I do struggle with life sometimes like most people. Fish in a Tree is an example of the way I feel going through my divorce. Knowing everything is going to fall in place, living a life of happiness and joy today gives me hope for the future.

Instructional Strategy for Families

One of the most impactful reading strategies that we as parents can incorporate into our literacy routine is to have our readers revisit previously read text. Going back to visit text that we have already read can have so many positive outcomes. Rereading books will help to improve decoding strategies, fluency, and comprehension skills. Readers get the opportunity to read with greater fluency allowing them to get a better understanding of what they are reading. It also helps to improve reader accuracy. On the 1st read, readers have the load of lifting the decoding and word attach skills. On a revisit, that task has now been eliminated and you can focus on reading to learn or for enjoyment. This strategy may not apply to all text. I would not encourage reading a chapter book multiple times, unless you just love it. However if it is a short text such as a poem, recipe, or picture book try incorporating some revisits to your previously read texts.

afternoon pickup updates

We announced last week that we needed your help at dismissal, and many of you responded. For those who have been parking on the street who moved into the car dismissal line, we thank you! The process is running smoothly now and you can stay in the air conditioned comfort of your car the entire time. A few other updates:

  1. If you pick up multiple kids and haven't received a combined car rider tag that uses one number, please be sure to pick one up at the office anytime next week.

  2. If you are still parking on the street, please do not park on the Autumn Creek side of the street. We need consistency with parking on only one side of the street, and Humble ISD police will be helping us to enforce this.

Important upcoming dates!

  • October 25th-29th- Red Ribbon Week
  • October 28- Fall Picture Day
  • October 28- Monster Math Mash Up Night
  • October 30- Boo At The Barn
  • November 1- Student Holiday
  • November 5- College Spirt Day

veterans day assembly

Veterans from the Autumn Creek Elementary community are invited to attend a reception and program in their honor on Thursday, November 11, at Autumn Creek Elementary. The PTO will host the reception at 8 am, followed by a special veterans day program at 8:45 am led by ACE 4th graders. We will be recording the program and posting it on the VR Spot so our ACE families can watch at home to limit the audience size.

We are sending out a 4x4 square "Star" to all families to make a community quilt. Decorate the print out or print a picture to display at ACE. Click here for a copy of the print out.

We are looking forward to thanking all who have so bravely served our country in the military!

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Bryan at