David Crockett



David Crockett was born on August 17,1786 in a log cabin in the east of Tennessee.David had earned a reputation as one of the best rifle shots in all of Tennessee.David married a widow named Elizabeth Patton ,who had a son and a daughter.David died on 1836.He left a note for his children saying"i'll leave this truth for others when I am dead just be sure you are right and then go ahead"

Things exhibited through his life

David was learning to be a skillful hunter.He spent many days in the woods to achieve his goal to be that skillful hunter.Afraid David had to leave his home,because of a fight at school.

characteristics of David

David was brave and corages to come to Texas and fight for the battles of Texas.He was also fearless to hunt in the woods alone.

interesting facts

David Crockett was called "The Father of Texas".

David also fought for the battle of the Alamo.

David always used the best of his words

David loved to fight for independents

David usually fought with his trusty rifle

how he helped us now

David helped to fight for Texas's independents giving us our freedom.