small things, BIG difference

by: AnnaBeth Templeman periods: 6-7

Analysis of the Development of Theme

If Killer Kane was not in the book it would change a lot of things. First Max would still have a mom. He would not be living with Grim and Gram. Also he probably would not have even met Freak. The theme is first introduced when Freak moves in. He becomes friends with max and makes Max happy for once. On page 27 Max is at Freaks house and he says"what a goon except it really is funny, me trying to sneeze a got dog through my nose and were both laughing like total morons." On page 27 Max also says"and the really weird thing is, Im happy."

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction to this theme was happy. I totally agree with it. I really do think some thing small or doing something small will made a big difference. I also loved the way the author, Rodman Philbrick developed it. Because well he put it in a way where two people became friends. And the little one helped make a big difference in the big one. Right now people still need to follow this theme. Like if someone was having a bad day, and I did a little thing and smiled at them that would already make their day better. Or even picking up a little piece of trash would help the enviorment in a big way if everybody did that one little thing.

Visual Representations

Summary of Text

Max always thought he was dumb and was worth nothing. When a short kid named Freak moves in they become friends and start working together. School starts and they become best friends and call themselves Freak the Mighty. On one of their missions to return something they meet Mas's dads friends. Max's dad gets out of jail and kidnapps Max. He almost kills Max and a girl but Freak saves him with a squirt gun. on Freaks birthday they celebrate then something bad happens and Freak goes to the hospital. Freak dies because his heart was to big for his body. Freak mad a BIG difference in Max's life.

About the Author

Rodman Philbrick has been writing since he was sixteen years old. He has published over a dozen novels for adults and also children books. His most recent novel for children is The Young Man And Th Sea. He was born in Boston Massachusetts and now lives in Main U.S.a. With his wife Lynn Harnett they have been to the Florida keys.