Welcome to Los Angeles!


Los Angeles, California is a wonderful place full of fun places to go and kind people from all over the world.
There are people from over 140 different countries living in L.A. and speak at least 224 different languages. The most common languages in Los Angeles are: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Over 50% of people in L.A. speak a language other than English.
Los Angeles has a huge population of around 3,792,621 and an absolute value of 34.05º latitude and -118.24º longitude. L.A. is about 96 meters above sea level and the yearly average temperature is 63.99º F. Los Angeles is located in the Southern area of California in the United States of America. The city of Los Angeles in 472 square miles.
L.A. has many, many people living there, but the thing is, more people leads to more pollution. The worst pollution in Los Angeles is the air. People depend on the Earth for natural resources and fossil fuels and when companies and factories burn fossil fuels, there is more air pollution. The air pollution has helped cause the 1.6 million people in L.A. that have asthma.
Top 5 imports & exports for Los Angeles in January 2016. One of the top imports is China with $10,695,837,199. The top 5 are: China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea. The top export is Japan with $566,961,257. The top 5 exports are Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Now you know a lot about Los Angeles and you can enjoy a fun trip to L.A.

random fun fact!

L.A.'s city tree is The Tree Of Paradise.

The city tree is the Coral tree.