Prenatal Development

By : Kiaira Craig & Dwanae' Allick

Blastocryst Stage

  • 0-2 weeks ( half of a month)
  • cell start to divide
  • egss is implanted into the uterus
  • amnion , placenta, and umbilical cord are forming
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Embryonic Stage

  • 2-9 weeks ( half of 2nd month and 2 months)
  • internal organs are forming
  • vertebrae and spinal column forming
  • limb buds are appearing
  • eyes and ears are forming
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Fetal Stage

9 weeks til brith

limbs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes are forming

facial features form

lanugo growing ( fine layer of "peach" fuzz)

eyebrows and eyelashes growing

vernix covering body ( waxy covering)

growing rapdily during end of pregnancy

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5 things Women should do while Pregnant

  • eat right
  • take proper vitamins
  • go vist all doctors - get proper treatments
  • no smoking or drinking alcohol
  • dont lift heavy objects
  • excerise

5 things that can happen when not doing the right things while pregnant

  • premature
  • brain damage
  • deformation
  • birth defect
  • brain damage
Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized