Second Grade Rock Stars

Tour News!

Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

We have a very eventful week! We had our pictures true Rock Stars and we even got on stage at the assembly we put on about kindness and courtesy! Ask your child what both of those words mean (kindness and courtesy).

We also took a seed idea and grew it into a draft that we will continue to write and learn how to revise this week. Ask your child what their seed idea was and what two ways we learned to help grow your seed idea in the planning process of writing.

We even did a science experiment with color mixing and jelly crystals (they are a super-absorbing polymer that can soak up water and get bigger- they even take on the color of the colored water.) Ask you child what they think what will happen to the rainbow of colors we created in the bottle- how will it change over the next few weeks?

We also have been working hard at money! They are getting in the money spirit! We also learned some mental math strategies this week and have been using them with our number tiles to show our answer and thinking.

Way to go Rock Stars! You continue to work hard and continue to show great cooperation skills with each other; you should be so proud of yourselves!

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Money (adding, subtracting, and giving change back)

Reading: Story Mapping, Fluency

Writing: Drafting and Revising: showing not telling

Grammar: Verbs

Conventions: Commas, Apostrophes

Social Studies: Events That Make a Difference

Science: Measurement and Weight, continue color blending

Life Trait: 7 Habits to a Happy Kid:#1 Be Proactive- I'm in Charge of Me

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to Hope Gawlick for organizing and to everyone who donated toward our basket for the Fall Festival (and to the one for Ms. Arzaga, since she does not have a class)! Don't forget to bid on our basket!

Our basket is below...and it wouldn't let me rotate the picture (sorry for the head tilt)

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 10/19- Fall Festival! 2pm-6pm (Del Paso Campus)
  • 10/21-10/25- Red Ribbon Week
  • 10/24- WCMS Chili Cook-Off (Pebblewood Campus)
  • 11/5- Olympic Triathlon
  • 11/11- No School - Veteran's Day
  • 11/12- Our First Field Trip! To Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley (Students get back to campus around 4pm!)
  • 11/12- WAVE Meeting 6:30pm (Del Paso Campus)
  • 11/14- WCS Board Meeting 6:30pm (Del Paso Campus)

“It is our choices that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities." -Author J.K. Rowling

Question of the Week

Way to use your researching skills on the last question, Rock Stars!

Here's our question this week:

If I bought something for $2.84 and I payed with a $5.00 bill, how much change would I receive back from the store clerk?

Remember to bring in your answer written down on Monday to get a chance at computer time during quiet time after lunch! Answers must be written in complete sentences and don't forget to show your work!

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Jen Martin

Second Grade Teacher

Westlake Charter School