Roosevelt High School Agenda

Professional Development Wednesday October 14th

Proctoring Instructions

RHS PSAT Proctor Checklist and Instructions

o Print out the proctoring schedule

o Pick up your PSAT Testing materials from Main office conference room, your name and room assignment will be on it

o Confirm the correct number of testing booklets match your homeroom roster

o Report to Homeroom and take attendance, testing will take place in Homeroom

o All cell phones must be turned completely off and put away

o Provide #2 pencils as needed

o Provide calculators as needed

o At __8:30am_begin reading the instructions in the testing script of your manual

o Await the announcement at _9:00am_ to begin section #1 of the test, follow the script accordingly, keeping pace with the time per section including breaks

o Complete seating chart included in the proctoring manual

o Once testing in complete, collect all test books individually

o Keep students seated until you are sure you have each students:

o Answer sheet

o Test book

o Calculator (if applicable)

o Pencil (if applicable)

o Follow test proctoring script for dismissal instructions

Return your PSAT Testing materials to:

9th grade – Main office Conference

10th grade – Mrs. Patton’s Room (A110)

11th grade – College and Career Center

Thank you for proctoring the PSAT and have a wonderful day!

PSAT Teacher Assignments

Check your email for time and locations!

Mr. Farnum